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  1. https://images.app.goo.gl/zAJL7U4NZxbojiPu6 GRIND N SHINE.mp3
  2. New Single ATL from Atlanta legend BabyD aka Dizzle off of his New MixTape ATLANTA LIVE produced BY BABY D & 706HITZ 02 Baby D - Atl.mp3
  3. Hitman%2520Sammy%2520Sam%2520Bio.pdf Bruce Lee (Street).mp3 000 Bruce Lee Instru.mp3 000 Bruce Lee acca.mp3 Bruce Lee (Radio).mp3
  4. Moving On Up (Level Up Now) is track #10 of the new T.H.O.T.H. album, which has been reviewed by Underground Hip Hop Blog that writes: "Artur is presenting a brand new style of hip hop of his own that he refers to as ascension rap on his full-length debut." #Thoth #TheGoldenPagesOfAscension #TheHealingOfTheHeart #TheHarmonizingOfTheHemispheres #AngelicIntegration #AscensionRap #DNAupgrade #PortalOfAscension #UplineCreations #ArturJanuszDomowicz #WindowOfOpenContact Full Article: https://undergroundhiphopblog.com/albums/arturs-debut-album-t-h-o-t-h-the-harmonizing-of-the-hemispheres-introduces-the-world-to-ascension-rap-album-review/?fbclid=IwAR0qafRME3YgiAhgEC87t5Y7-PZV62AmLdG9pf0igqG5Q9XV0I_Fsu9U4Cs T.H.O.T.H. (The Healing Of The Heart) T.H.O.T.H. (The Harmonizing Of The Hemispheres) Official Teaser: Moving On Up (Level Up Now) is about the Golden Age that we are only entering into. The spring equinox of 2023 is the reflection of the passing of a marker, as well as of the raising of the collective consciousness. Moving On Up (Level Up Now) contains snippets from an interview with William Brown, who has been conducting research of the Giza Plateau for decades. Bill explains very briefly the connection between the Sphinx and the Lyra Constellation. Disclosing the secrets of the Giza plateau is equivalent to the disclosure of the true history of mankind and of Earth. Lyrics written, recorded and performed by Artur Janusz Domowicz Track produced by SFRbeats.com William Brown's website: www.icosa-x.com Artur appeared in 2022 in the award winning "Alien Abduction: Answers" documentary, which also features his music (Official Alien Abduction: Answers Trailer): https://vimeo.com/585493052 Official Music Video to Moving On Up (Level Up Now): Moving On Up (Level Up Now) Official Music Video Credits: Lyrics written, recorded and performed by Artur Janusz Domowicz Track produced by SFRbeats.com Authentic orb footage by Artur Janusz Domowicz Beat for Moving On Up by Bitter Stock footage by Pond5 Stock Media provided by Lexxiam / Pond5 Stock Media provided by SeptianK_ / Pond5 Stock Media provided by Lovemotives / Pond5 Stock Media provided by gesh / Pond5 Stock Media provided by Wirestock / Pond5 Aside from creating music that contains channeled, time-coded information and DNA activations, Artur loves to assist people in private sessions with aligning to their soul's original blueprint: "In these highly transformative times, what is it that you wish to achieve for yourself in terms of growth and attunement?" Contact Form: http://www.30thdegreegallery.com/contact.html #atlantarappers #atlanta #ascensionrap #hiphop #explorepage #atlantarapper #rappers #atlantamusic #atlrappers #beats #rap #rapper #newmusic #newrappers #unsignedartist #typebeat #houstonrappers #upcomingrapper #atl #atlantaartist #floridarappers #music #atlantarap #trap #typebeats #upcomingrappers #chicagorappers #unsignedrapper #beatsforrappers #newyorkrappers #artur144 #arturjanuszdomowicz #uplinecreations 10. Artur - Moving On Up (Level Up Now).wav Artur - Moving On Up.mp3
  5. He touched a whole new level rough but soft and over all a mind blowing song
  6. "Explicit Ft. Zaytoven" Recently released in February, “Explicit” is an energetic, club banger, and party anthem by sensational rapper, Vrs Tha World. Vrs Tha World popularly known for his trendy sounds and big vibe brings to music lovers The song also features popular DJ and music producer Zaytoven who brings his original sound and melodic style to the track. Explicit is an enjoyable piece of timeless music. Vrs Tha World featuring Zaytoven is certainly a collaboration music lovers crave. From production to lyrical and melodic appeal, this single is a jam. “Explicit” is available on various digital streaming platforms Follow Vrs Tha World on Social media at @Vrsthaworld Verse The World Ent. Vrs Tha World Spotify Vrs Tha World - Explicit Ft. Zaytoven.mp3
  7. The southern rapper Classic Buck$ released his latest single "Hold Up" which is certified for the strip clubs. This new single has caught the attention of many platforms and the wave it's on will grow before summer 2022.
  8. FabDon - L.V's (Louie) - Explicit - (Pro. @Prod.LucaBeats)-.m4a FABDON IS SOUTH JAMAICA QUEENS' HOTTEST ARTIST RIGHT NOW! HE'S BEEN GRINDING ALONG TIME, FROM CONNECTING WITH DJ SELF, AND THE LATE "AMERICAN GANGSTER" CHAZ "SLIM" WILLIAMS OF BLACK HAND ENT & DJ KAY SLAY, BEFORE THEIR PASSING, AND BEFORE BEING INCARCERATED FOR 2 YEARS. NOW HE'S HOME AND WORKING HARD TO REGAIN HIS SPOT AMONGST BEING THE KING OF NY, AMONGST THE ELITES OUT NOW! HIS RECENT VIDEO "WE GO UP FREESTYLE" (click here) DID 115K VIEWS IN 10 DAYS, AND HES READY TO CAPITALIZE OFF THIS MOMENTUM. HES WORKED WITH VADO, TOURED WITH LLOYD BANKS, ON THE SCENE WITH 50 CENT AND MORE, ALL WHILE REBUILDING HIS BUZZ AND CATALOG! THIS IS HIS SUMMER GUARANTEED! SUBSCRIBE AND CHECK OUT HIS VIDEOS NOW @ https://www.youtube.com/user/365SGFABDONMUSIC/featured DJ'S, TASTEMAKERS AND PROMOTERS! VISIT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE, AND SIGN UP FOR THE MAILING LIST, TO GET EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO NEW MUSIC, VIDEOS AND MORE DROPPING SOON! CONTACT US FOR ANY BUSINESS INQUIRIES ALSO THRU HERE! >>>FABDON OFFICIAL WEBSITE<<< LYRICS TO SONG POSTED, BELOW! FABDON - L.V's (Louie) Lyrics! You Know Everything Icey, Got Smiley In the Cut Don D in the Buildin', Everything Ice, Ice, Ice, Ice, Ice... FabDon Gat Drawn... Yeah.. Look, Look.. (Chorus) "I'm covered, in L. V's So Fresh, you smell me?.. (Huhh!) Vuitton - thats Louie .. Drinkin'- Louie.. The 13th - Its Friday.. (Ahhhh) No scary- (yeah) movie... 5th Ave- wit' bags.. big bag (yeah) Spend It all - in Louie.. Drinkin'- Louie.. Drippin- Louie Walk out (yeah) - Louie Lets talk bout (Yeah) " (Verse) Damier Shit (Yeah) Diamond Earrings.. (ice, ice, ice) This dime is near me Her name was Diamond (Baby) She on timing (Designer) Her bag was Louie Bossy, grimey (What else?) Her Louie, Duffle (Duffle) It hold ah, Toolie Lightskin- Darkskinned (Huh) I walked in, no talkin (Hush) & Smacked her Booty (Yeaah, Uh) Fab to the Don I make it Rain in Louis Vuitton a Nigga front, then the gat'll be Drawn Walk in the building and Ring the alarm (Ahhh) Louie the hat & Louie the Feets I can up it and Louie the Jeans I'm like 8500 degrees Spent 500 on Louie atleast! (Chorus) "I'm covered, in L. V's So Fresh, you smell me?.. (Huhh!) Vuitton - thats Louie .. Drinkin'- Louie.. The 13th - Its Friday.. (Ahhhh) No scary- (yeah) movie... 5th Ave- wit' bags.. big bag (yeah) FabDon - L.V's (Louie) -Single (Prod. by @Prod.LucaBeats) - (Explicit Version).mp3
  9. TracklistShow Credits 1 Turn It Out 3:16 2 Money Ain't A Thing 4:14 3 Get Your Sh** Right 4:44 4 Fresh 3:31 5 Sweetheart 4:20 6 Jazzy Hoes 4:27 7 Going Home With Me 3:34 8 You Get Dealt Wit 3:59 9 The Party Continues (Video Version) 4:03 10 All That's Got To Go 3:47 11 Protector's Of 1472 4:46 12 Lay You Down 3:58
  10. Guest


    Start spazzing tougher x PHAU$iT prodG1.mp3
  11. It's on all platforms rite now, tap in you'll Love my sound Manifest Money Records We gone run da summer up???
  12. Lil' Sly

    Lil' Sly

    Lil’ Sly & Omeretta The Great (Love & Hip Hop ATL) team up for the remix of Lil' Sly's hit “Cuttin Up''! Attached below are the MP3s (dirty & radio version) & the cover art for your library ! Thank You Stay Connected: Phone:4045966547 Instagram: @_lilsly_ Email: lilsly45@gmail.com Youtube: Lil' Sly Facebook: Lil' Sly Twitter: @LilSly_MrPolo Stream Lil' Sly on all major platforms! 01 Lil' Sly-Cuttin Up (Feat. Omeretta the Great).mp3 01 Cuttin Up (Feat. Omeretta the Great) (Radio Version).mp3
  13. stealth.mp3
  14. Bounce from It’s Regular Entertainment Artist Deuce and D’macio Bounce.mp3
  15. That new Run The Jewels fire courtesy of the Catalog King. No recycling links here to boost my counts and no self glossing.
  16. Follow Young Nino: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Youngninoatl Twitter: https://twitter.com/Youngninodadon Contact: bookingyoungnino@gmail.com
  17. Yung Beezy- Re-Vision.mp3
  18. IG: FVNTXX Aint My Fault.m4a
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