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Found 133 results

  1. 2 Bangz The Interlude Bio Friends for over ten years, Jimmy ValenTime and Urban Miracle bonded over their love of music. These friends decided to unite on a new project exploring the way New York has changed since they become adults and what things have stayed the same. Urban Miracle's beats have reached the ears of the many notable stars rising in the underground. He has worked with Ralphy Boy, Zone Rebel, Xperience Jay and Black Rose, Slaughter, and Mr. 117th. As a rapper, he has worked with Six Figgas, Big Bama, Young B The Producer and Jimmy Da Gent. Jimmy ValenTime is a fixture of the New York City Underground scene having been featured in XXL and on NBC (CH 4-NY) and 2dopeboyz.com. He has received over 150,000 online music plays over the course of his career. Jimmy ValenTime has worked with diverse artists, such as Static Selektah, Ro James and Blu. Please send your Drop Scripts, Interview Inquiries, Feedback to: jimmyvalentime@gmail.com Social Media : Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/jvum instagram https://www.instagram.com/jimmyandurb Jimmy ValenTime Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimmyvalentime Urban Miracle Twitter https://twitter.com/urbanmiracle Spotify Reply to get both songs [hide] Jimmy Valentime & Urban Miracle - The Interlude [Single].mp3 Jimmy Valentime & Urban Miracle - The Interlude [Clean].mp3 Jimmy Valentime X Urban Miracle - Two Bangz.mp3 Jimmy Valentime and Urban Miracle - Two Bangz - Free 99 (Radio Edit) .mp3 [/hide]
  2. SAINt JHN _Roses_ Future Remix Press Release.pdf
  3. YoursTru Bigga turns up the summer heat with this blazing new track featuring Kidd Dreamz!!! Produced by 3GGoinViral. Mixed and mastered by Bryan Tyson of Deep Productions. Listen to Weekend here : https://www.upstreamindie.com/yourstru-bigga-weekend/?fbclid=IwAR00k581_MHyU8hdlTl5KejgQm8Wv0jHyY8d_H4t7iEgCtqJggF2E9R11ew Keep up with YoursTru Bigga at https://yourstrubigga.musicprosite.com Follow YoursTru Bigga at https://www.instagram.com/yourstrulybigga https://www.twitter.com/yourstrulybigga https://facebook.com/yourstrubigga
  4. YoursTru Bigga hails from Tampa, Fl, and considers himself to be a student of the game, having spent years as a fan of artists from various locales, and the end result is a hip-hop melting pot. He believes that the strength of an artist lies in the ability to take the ordinary things around you and create something extraordinary. Just as a painter can paint a beautiful portrait of the simplest thing, YoursTru Bigga strives to put into words the situations that we as people face every day, thus making his music something that people from all walks of life can relate to.Groundhog day is the latest offering from YoursTru Bigga, and shares its title with the 1993 Harold Ramis film starring Bill Murray. In this film a man is forced to relive the same day, Groundhog Day, over and over again. In YoursTru Bigga's version, His daily routine consists of getting money, by any and every means necessary. Listen to groundhog day on your favorite social media platforms here: https://www.upstreamindie.com/yourstru-bigga-groundhog-day/ https://yourstrubigga.musicprosite.com Follow YoursTru Bigga Instagram.com/yourstrulybigga Twitter.com/yourstrulybigga Facebook.com/yourstrubigga [hide] GROUNDHOG DAY.mp3 [/hide]
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