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Found 20 results

  1. JMT-PROD guitar 2k19

    Follow @jmtdesignstudio on twitter! I'm looking for rappers 🎧
  2. Cracy - Where I Been

    I thought this was a banger...check it out.. https://www.soundcloud.com/117_records/where-i-been
  3. AiMajor - It's Just Time (Album)

    Las Vegas’ Own AiMajor Releases A Musical Aesthetic Playlist Of Songs From 2015-17 With A Genre He Himself Classifies His Music As “G-Soul” All Songs Produced By AiMajor. I Hope You Enjoy This Sonic Experience. -AiMajor
  4. Sup y'all below u will find the link to listen & download my new mixtape ! Enjoy it and feel free to leave comments THE 1 N ONLY DJ SHINE
  5. E-Reign @EREIGNESM - My Word by promomixtapes You can cue any E-Reign track, and listen to his lyrics and walk away with a lesson learned or a mindful message. His trifecta of 2015 releases, "Gotta' Go," "Serious," and "Need More," not only set him apart, but they have also made him one of the fastest rising artists on the East Coast. Now, in early 2016, E-Reign is taking "My Word" to another level. "My Word" isn't a "turnt up" tune, yet rather an almost subliminal, down-tempo trip into words that define what life should be about. "Honesty and loyalty used to mean something, not so much nowadays, and we have to realize this and change it back," explains E-Reign. While a great many hip-hop and rap artists set out to "front," composing about cash, clubs and cars, E-Reign always digs deeper. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHjLZLfCQlo&feature=youtu.be iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/my-word-single/id1052255775 Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0172FK6JA/180-5798759-8185312?ie=UTF8&keywords=E-reign&qid=1447626803&ref_=sr_1_2&s=dmusic&sr=1-2 Connect with E-Reign https://instagram.com/futureofnewyork/ https://twitter.com/ereignesm https://www.facebook.com/ereignesm http://www.ereignmusic.com/ https://play.spotify.com/album/6IfQC7... https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/e-reign/id739775734
  6. Hot new single from Charlotte, NC's own Big Greg (to Play or DL right click>Save as for MP3) Soundcloud twitter @biggregplk instagram @biggregplk facebook biggregplk Email - manifestmusicqc@gmail.com
  7. Shareefa Cooper

    Former DTP/DEF JAM ARTIST NOW INDEPENDENT STILL SOUL OF THE STREETS UNIQUE VOICE. Listen to Shareefa - Reloaded (Prod. By Big Leak Beats)(R& by Shareefa Cooper #np on #SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/shareefa-cooper/reloaded-prod-by-big-leak-beats
  8. Artist: J DUB Song: I'm Coming Label: Quest Music Group Twitter: https://twitter.com/questmusicgroup Youtube Link: http://youtu.be/MzWYP3p53_Y Available on iTunes! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/im-coming-single/id926818658
  9. Lady Savage - Respect Me (Feat. ThatTrapBoyHB) (Audio) [Explicit] SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/thattrapboyhb/lady-savage-respect-me-feat-thattrapboyhb AUDIOMACK: http://www.audiomack.com/song/thattrapboyhb/respect-me-feat-thattrapboyhb-1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-zDVpMuzgU
  10. CyBeatz Productions Intro AVI

  11. STREAM / DOWNLOAD LINKS http://hiphopvip.com/song/promomixtapes/che-stunna-chemerk-ft-dre-w... http://www.audiomack.com/song/che-stunna/che-stunna-i-giuseppe-ft-d... https://soundcloud.com/djschemesmp3/che-stunna-chemerk-giuseppe-ft Another star is on the rise from the DMV and is making noise. Che Merk recently told Pat is Dope that he is just living day to day what many are calling a wild life. Che Merk aka Mr. Giuseppe is representing his team and his city like no other. After surviving struggles on the mean streets of DC and a life threatening car crash; there is one thing we now know “nothing will stop him from reaching his goal of becoming number 1 in the rap game.” Born in Southeast, DC Che moved to Prince Georges County, Maryland at the age of 3, where no rap artist has yet to make it big. Che found his knack and started rapping and promoting himself around DC by performing at open mics. Though faced with many hardships and minor setbacks, he released his first mixtape “Anything Goes” in 2012. The mixtape allowed the once inconspicuous rapper to establish a name for him-self and earned him local success, along with a fan base throughout the DMV area. From working his way up from being just another face in the crown to being a face that brings out a crowd. Che’s current project "Wild Life" is a story of just some of his life. Music has been his escape when nothing else was right, so what better way to tell his story. The Wild Life will include beats from: DMV producers – Bigg Moon, Chris Beats(Directors), En Duh Streatz ; Atl producers – Sonny Digital, MPC Cartel, and Cash Jordan. With the release of the "Wild Life" set for Spring 2014 the city is waiting in anticipation. There are 10 original tracks, "Giuseppe" being the current single; which also have several features from his team. The variety on the sound of thisalbum has a little something for everyone. Che Merk hopes to put on for his city and broaden his fan base. He will definitely gain national exposure as an artist and brand. There is no doubt that Che Merk will be a face for music in the DMV. 1s Up, Still in 1st Place CONTACT INFO TWIT: Twitter.com/chemerk IG: Instagram-chestunna WEB: www.chestunna.com
  12. https://soundcloud.com/tjx615/tj-feat-yung-trio-all-i-know
  13. havin an open mic contest Sunday at 2:30 lots of ppeps from tha industry come preform or just check us out...@ THE GYM@ BENEFIELDS 6326 OLD DIXIE HWY JONESBORO GA 30$ TO DO UR DAMN THING INFRONT OF WELL KNOW MUZIC PEEPS...CYA THERE!!! CALL ME FOR DETAILS LEE 678-334-3164 txt me to get flyer Like · · Promote
  14. This is what BDS spins for online radio look like . Hit us up if you want some. We do charge a fee in order to setup your mp3 file for bds spins. It's cheap and worh the price. visit me at www.dadecountyradio.com for price info.
  15. Dirk LP - "We Some Animals" prod. by Grim Reefah (Official Music Video)
  16. "Can't Deal" by Paradi$e Ft. Hugo & D?NO

    check out my new single, some honest feedback of your opinions and constructive critisism is appreciated. https://soundcloud.com/lordpvrvdise/cant-deal-ft-hugo-d-no-prod "Can't Deal" is the first single off "Augmented Dreams" being released 4/14/14. Catch me on twitter: @paradiseordie Appreciate it in advance
  17. Playing Anything with a Groove from Louis Armstrong to the Roots! This is Anthony "Moose Harris" Daniels, Founder, Producer, and Host of Urban Flosarus. I will keep this brief: If You want FREE International Syndicated Radio Play, here is what you need to do: 1) Send me your RADIO EDITED music & bio information to Urban.Flosarus@gmail.com **SEND ME THE GOOD, INTELLIGENT STUFF, NO BS OR STUFF YOU MADE JUST FOR "THE CLUB" OR "THE STREETS** 2) Record Some drops that should include: a - who you are b - who you with c -Moose Harris d - Urban Flosarus (pronounced Flo-Sar-Us) e - creativity f - no longer than 15 seconds - it can be shorter 3) Follow me on Twitter @Moose_Harris & @Urbangroovz 4) Check out urbanflosarus.wix.com/urbanflosarus & facebook.com/urban.flosarus for all kinds of updates 5) Invite all your friends / followers / fans to the above Twitter handles & links 6) Share & RT when I post about a show coming on the air Current International Show Schedule (as of Jan 17, 2014) also available on www.facebook.com/events/491063414346358/ (times listed below are central time zone -1 hour from eastern (New York) time zone) Intellectual Radio.com - (Chicago) - www.intellectualradio.com - Fridays 8-10pm Indie Artist Radio (Oklahoma) - Indieartistradio.net - Mon/Wed/Fri 11pm-1am WHYR 96.9 FM (Baton Rouge) www.whyr.org - Tuesdays 10pm-Midnight Bliss Radio UK (United Kingdom) - http://www.blissfm.co.uk/# - Sundays 11am-1pm KCCR Cullen's Corner Radio (Arkansas) - http://player.radioloyalty.com/station/8349.html - Mondays 6pm - 8pm Rexless Radio (Atlanta) - http://rexless.net/radio.html Vibe Radio MW (Dublin, Ireland) - http://www.viberadiomalawi.net/ - Saturdays 2 - 4pm Podcasts available on itunes, podomatic, & mixcloud More information & past interviews at http://reverbnation.com/urbanflosarus MORE STATIONS COMING SOON!! Feel free to request music and stations!! Options & rates are available for Advertising / Sponsorship combinations
  18. Sup, Just looking for a new set of cans/earbuds that aren't too bass heavy. I'm NOT a fan of the dre Beats because of that, so what do ya'll use? I hear JBLs and Monster earbuds are nice and also I've heard that the JVC XX FX1X and FX3X earbuds are fire. But I'd like to hear feedback. What I'm looking for: - In-line microphone w/ play/pause controls ....... (next track or volume controls would be better) - Flat Wire cords or tangle-resistant cords - L-shaped cord jack.... but I don't mind the straight ones either - Decent sound, nothing too high end (good HIs, MIDs and LOWs - In-ear earbuds - Within $15 - $50 If a pair of earbuds even match 4 of these criteria, then that would be ideal!! Not looking to spend more than 50 dollars for the unit itself. Also good build quality would be preferred. Thanks. P.S. I own a set of the SONY MDR-V55 DJ headphones, which are on-ear headphones that produce amazing sound. Much better than the Beats Studios in my opinion. My review:
  19. https://soundcloud.com/josiah-the-gift/cani-live-2013-produced-by-j New EP titled "From The Heart," Will be out September 12th!
  20. NicDanger Videos

    Check out my Music videos and please give feed back http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB877FA77FA568770&feature=mh_lolz