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  1. Out now on all Platforms New music Video dropping this week!b 😵_💫HATTRICKS (prod. Addey x Kaiokaine).mp3
  2. The southern rapper Classic Buck$ released his latest single "Hold Up" which is certified for the strip clubs. This new single has caught the attention of many platforms and the wave it's on will grow before summer 2022.
  3. Goosebumps as performed by boicheckz & Raymondaux Produced by calliemajik Out Jan 28.2022 Soon VID_497540207_061308_052.mp4
  4. moral-no-matter-how.mp3 moral-no-matter-how.mp3
  5. Kemi$try


    https://linktr.ee/Kemistry615 YouTube https://youtu.be/5TzPKpuicQI IMG_8219.MP4
  7. WeBebyEmilyBeverly.wav
  8. It's amazing that this track happens to be the first track JBlack will ever record and catching masses good time already, to creampie the cruise, the record has most raving african, Nigerian sensational songwriter, and performer on, Segxywin, a.k.a Dslimboss Baba. Enjoy. Apple Link https://music.apple.com/us/album/always-in/1553444517?i=1553444972 Spotify Link https://open.spotify.com/album/1rBuM9cICT0xVoLfbggDOo
  9. http:// https://soundcloud.com/stoni-music-892518047/sets/shades-of-ki?ref=clipboard&p=a&c=1&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing.
  10. Over The Top (edit #3 volume adj.).wav
  11. The New Single "KEEP GOING ON" by ROYCE now available via all good music outlets !! https://linktr.ee/roycemusic https://www.roycemusic.net #royce #trendingmusic Copyright 2021 Keep Going On Edit 2 min.mov Keep Goin' On KO version (KO mastered).mp3
  12. Day By Day Mojo Master.mp3
  13. Whole lotta money remix by biabia and Nicki Minaj is a fan favorite!! We would love to hear it on the radio, please consider playing it. Much love <3
  14. https://youtu.be/qOt4NPfvLPQ
  15. Guest

    CjxGotti - NO MAN

    Lyrics (Momma Always Told Me Nigga) No man No man Fear No man No man Trust No man No man No man could ever be me Like cena, niggas never see me Grew up Serving feigns w/ my brothers Right on 5th & peach street I say baby you so smooth Grab this pipe & Do what it do (beat it) Told ha ion like deserts I wanna swim in the pool (deep) You can Keep that stiff hoe I need ah bitch that can move (freak) You wanna live my life Take ah walk in my shoes (please) Treat every enemy like your brother I brought you niggas right out the gutter Respect every woman like your mother But alot of bitches wanna be brothers And I don’t make love on the sheets Unless we under cover If you belong to the streets You cant be my lover I dont love no thot Shouts to keef I dont fuck with bussers & if u aint helpin get bread You cant get no butter & I meant what i said Did you hear me stutter He was locked up in that jam & he came out muslim I got bitches thats related Yeah they kissing cousins Niggas fold like chairs How can i trust em Bitches be shared So how can i love em & when the henny hit I get to buzzing When the perkys hit I get to bussing Im just tryna cool it Babygirl why you rushing And i dont fuck with swishers Unless they russian DAMN No man No man Fear No man No man Trust No man No man If you want it I got it Im mobile if you shoppin Check, Cash & Deposit Nigga what’s in ya wallet Pause Niggas see me get intrigue And wanna ride the wave Bitches greedy Best believe me She ate dick like ah soufflé I aint with none of that soft shit Pay me im the boss bitch & ion care what it cost jitt If i want it , i bought it Chased ah dream , i caught it You niggas be on fraud shit & Ima flex til i cant Nomore Cause I remember i aint have dog shit (Mommas always told me nigga) CjxGotti - No Man (Official Audio).mp3
  16. Https://twitter.com/topdreatl1 Https://instagram.com/topdre https://fanlink.to/Topdre Topdre ft Moolah Jetson - This That Chronic (Dirty).mp3
  17. Tfresh ft K nice - Ire Mi Ire Mi Ft. K Nice.mp3
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