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Found 21 results

  1. https://open.spotify.com/album/5eZZ8DyLW1kyOLqvFjRKPE?si=pNLcXf4tQXSZH05FLLo7mQ
  2. StarKicker StarKicker – On A Path To Happiness You are invited on a journey. It is piloted by Plymouth based singer/songwriter StarKicker, sometimes alone and sometimes accompanied by friends. Along the path you will experience songs inspired on a search for truth and understanding which was undertaken following a major depressive episode. This has lasted five years and led to the loss of career and health. Just when all was thought lost there began a journey made possible by music, family, friends and strangers. At the beginning there was a desperation to get back all that had been lost, to get back to normal, but a true recovery only began when it was realised instead that a change was required. Thus started the first steps On A Path To Happiness. During the lockdown of 2020 the first Starkickers song (called Give Me Hope) was recorded and registered with the Performing Right Society. It was written for consideration in an upcoming road trip film. It is classic rock with authentic lightly distorted guitars, a melodic bass and a confident male vocal. Perfect for a road trip! Give Me Hope.mp3
  3. Welcome (Unfinished) - Rane Marie.mp3 Lie We Liv-ing - Raine.mp3 Daydream.mp3 Could Be - Raine.mp3 Stringz - Rane Marie (Unmastered).mp3 Feel My Body - Rane Marie.mp3
  4. Musicwade

    Brandon Wade

    Dance Again is the debut single of Brandon Wade. An emerging indie artist who writes with passion and uses his own memories to dive into his own emotions in attempts to connect to his world and those around him. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ag0HCR8PM7BagYtZcVEGoSvBcUnYNQ?e=nuXSXc Song: Dance Again Genre: Indie Pop Artist: Brandon Wade Release Date: April 9th, 2021 Release Type: Single Artist Location: Houston, TX Social Media: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/musicwade Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/brandon_wade Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@musicwade Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/blwade_95
  5. 03 CashFlow.mp3
  6. Waitin 4 u mp3 (Mastered with Clear Sky at 50pct) (1).mp3
  7. Soundsofjuly


    [FREE] Drake x Bryson Tiller Type Beat Mood Swings.mp3 LANDR-Block Star revise-Medium-Balanced.mp3 LANDR-Anxiety-Low-Balanced.mp3 Sliding(majormixing.com).wav
  8. Picture This was produced by SVGAR BEATS and written by The Whyte Gucci during quarantine this year.
  9. @spillztheone Love/Pain by Spillz The One #spillztheone#spotify #music #itunes #applemusic #youtube #hiphop #soundcloud #newmusic #rap #tidal #podcast #deezer #artist #producer #rapper #googleplay #spotifyplaylist #love #dj #follow #singersongwriter #radio #iheartradio #rnb #instagram #instamusic #instagood Love/Pain
  10. Here is my new album on all streaming platforms. Here's my song Last Night [hide] intan_last-night.mp3 [/hide]
  11. Mike Ross - Drown Prod. By Mike Ross Label: Independent https://soundcloud.com/mikerossmusic/drown-prod-by-mike-ross Instagram: @mrmig Mike Ross - Drown Prod. By Mike Ross.mp3
  12. Motion Sickness - Alexander Mantis 🌬 enjoy the vibes IG: alexandermantisofficial MotionSicknessExcalibursFinal.mp3
  13. Savien Payne No Rookies LISTEN/DOWNLOAD HERE @CEODJASAP & @SavienPayne Savien Payne is a 22 year old singer, rapper, and songwriter hailing from Montgomery, Alabama. The creative first discovered his love for music at the age of 16 when he joined his church choir. Savien Payne decided to begin to write his own music at the age of 18, and is now progressing swiftly within his creativity. He is currently finishing up his degree in the Entertainment Industry. He is best known for his use of his different textures and characters in his voice, and is in turn, often mistaken for having other features on his songs. His musical style is a blend of electronic beats and synths, combined with pop/rnb vocals, blended with the element of hip-hop lyricism. @CEODJASAP & @SavienPayne Get mixtape distribution at @Raphenom. Tracklist 01 - Savien_Payne-Another_Rollie_Prod_By_mjNichols 02 - Savien_Payne-Buy_Another_Rillo_Prod_By_Lytton_Scott 03 - Savien_Payne-No_Rookies_Prod_By_The_Hipaholics 04 - Savien_Payne-Play_Your_Position_Prod_By_Aye-K.O 05 - Savien_Payne-Company_Prod_By_mjNichols 06 - Savien_Payne-For_Free_Feat_LA_Huddy_Prod_By_The_Beat_Plug_Slique_Vicque 07 - Savien_Payne-From_The_Rip_Feat_LA_Huddy_Prod_By_Dopant_Beats 08 - Savien_Payne-Twerk_It_For_A_Nigga_Prod_By_mjNichols 09 - Savien_Payne-Gotta_Have_You_Prod_By_Sinister_Beats 10 - Savien_Payne-Hold_It_Down-Shit_I_m_On_Prod_By_Odigitl 11 - Savien_Payne-Word_On_It_Feat_The_Arts_Prod_By_mjNichols 12 - Savien_Payne-Time_2_Thank_Feat_LA_Huddy_Prod_By_Xavior_Jordan 13 - Savien_Payne-Might_As_Well_Roll_It_Up_Prod_By_XaviorJordan 14 - Savien_Payne-Fxck_U_Right_Prod_By_IGNORVNCE 15 - Savien_Payne-U_Don_t_Love_Me_Prod_By_SeeoBeats 16 - Savien_Payne-Live_Life_Prod_By_XaviorJordan
  14. Are you looking for soulful vocals to bless your track ? Please check out the available link , and if interested in hiring me for your next project , send an email or message me here. Comments are welcome ! http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/lawandalee2 Talk soon ! LaWanda Lee
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