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Found 16 results

  1. YCM - 2k22 (clean).mp3 YCM - 2k22 Video (clean version).mpg YCM - 2k22 Video (clean version).mpg
  2. Giving the audience the ultimate retro vibe, Benkasso has released his latest single, 'Matter of Fact,' with a tune that will enchant you in its gritty magic and enjoy a firm hold on your playlist forever. So get ready to witness the artist at his prime while he experiments his way into the industry. Produced by Benkasso Official website: www.benkasso.net All social media: @Benkasso Stream/buy link: https://song.link/us/i/1585369471 BENKASSO - MATTER OF FACT (RADIO EDIT) (1).mp3
  3. Bounce from It’s Regular Entertainment Artist Deuce and D’macio Bounce.mp3
  4. Twan Luv - The Moment (Clean).mp3
  5. Thanks for the opportunity. Peace. I Got the Keys Freestyle
  6. Can’t Get Away From the Guns..wav The Gram Soundcloud Link Tree Patreon ? Strong Smooth Slick ft. YT 432 HZ ? ? Can’t Get Away From The Guns 432 HZ ? Artist: Raj Devi Genre: Hiphop/Spoken Word Label: нιgнєя αℓтιтυ∂є ᴄᴀɴɴᴀʙɪꜱ ᴄᴜʟᴛɪᴠᴀᴛɪᴏɴ ᴄᴀ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍɪɴ ꪜꫀᧁꪖꪀ ???? ????? ??. ???? ???????? ??? ???. ??? ????? ???????? ?????? Lyrics: Some say sis / take a break, You smell like dank like every day. Wise man say stay away / That shit’s that gateway You won’t catch me hittin licks. I’m quick with the return. on my investments. Bulldozer don’t know when to quit. I’m on fire so now I spit, Like evolution, depended on it. Chorus :: I’m the gatekeeper. Habitual chiefer. Camouflage so strong A bitch in blue can’t see her. Move it Quick like Sonic Then BOOM there goes the chronic Feel my breeze brace you like a natural tonic. But we grow slow let Mother Nature flow. Leave them lunas on the vine, In hunter's moon harvest light... Let them nugs get fat and tight, When Soma's full and temp is right I chop them girls like Timber. Wont catch me on Tinder. My tool bigger than his garden snake. My pruning shears We put his dick to shame. He asked, Who am I to snoot? I said, Who the fuck are you? Real recognize real so I left that fool, Plenty of fish? Unless they’re full of shit. Lust can be too cruel. Living proof that even in the rough I am a jewel Plenty of fish in the sea but do you know what it means, To be a big one in a little pool? To be a big one in a little pool. You talk a huge game but boy are you high? Cuz my third eye, it don’t fucking lie. I would have buried the hatchet, But you called me ratchet. That’s Projection - I catch it. So I know you are but what am I? I know you are but what am I. I know you are but what am I? Chorus :: I’m the gatekeeper. Habitual chiefer. Camouflage so smooth A bitch in blue can’t see her. Move it Quick like Sonic Then BOOM there goes the chronic Feel my breeze brace you like a natural tonic. I ventured South where on Sundays we sesh, Sactown’s the city of trees ~ We hustle hard for gold in the west. On the rest of the town’s weekly day of rest Fire dancers blaze while the pour ups are flowing, Vizual on the mic free styling dope flow while I’m scoring. This year’s crop got a nose, it’s trimmed to impress. Broker likes the way I pack, Bovidas keep it fresh. No shake unless you mean that ass, I got what they want and my OG it be gas. Twist the turkeys tie it tight, Put the chicken feed in sight. Money talks and talk is trite To Higher altitude I fly And My family always be alright. Cuz We got guides up in the sky. But then I met this other cat, while I was packing up my packs. And just about to take the money and run, when out of nowhere he jumped the gun~ and said, Girl I know that I don’t own ya, I don’t even fucking know ya. I bet you can’t play poker I can tell your eyes are fire stokers. We go together like growers and chronic smokers I dig Your grass, your grace, and what would have broke her made you more than just a pretty face, but stronger. Nothing phases your ass any longer Anywayyy I’m gonna hate to see you go~ But love to watch you walk away. After we count our cash, I put his pipe to my lips. Hands on his hips , And Blow smoke rings on his dick. Open his mind, To Take him on a trip. He put in that work cuz he like that drip. Count the bread Hoo’d then head 69 and break to smoke, Then Flood the bed like the motherfucking Oroville dam broke. Goddess gang, I’ll take your hoe. Own us? No. Ya don’t. Stay in your lane, I'm lookin out bro. On my honor placing max bets, On myself , got that triple threat. Pussy power, Angel eyes, Green thumb, booty, hips and thighs. Orgasmic Motion, flowin deeper than the ocean. lather like lotion. Taste my love potion, Take me to church, But miss me with emotions. Cuz boy that just won’t work. Boy that won’t work. I’m a Lamborghini but they call me Queen Bee. So a boy better be on his q’s and p’s just like Rudyard Kipling~ when he said, “If a man don’t work, we drills him and teach him how to behave; If a beggar can't march, we kills him and rattle him into his grave.” Tiss Tiss. Don’t get out of pocket or you can miss me—and feel real silly like they told me I should miss my virginity. You brought beef? Well I’m vegan devvee~ And victory is sweet. Wouldn’t wanna be ya. Suffering defeat. And I’m taking my power back so save me a seat. nobody grows tree all magic like me. Chorus:::: I’m the gatekeeper. Habitual chiefer. Camouflage so slick A bitch in blue can’t see her. Move it Quick like Sonic Then BOOM there goes the chronic Feel my breeze brace you like a natural tonic. Feel my breeze Pause. Feel my breeze brace you. Cant Get Away From the Guns MP3.mp3
  7. Guest

    Blackheart- Black Letter

    Black Letter by Blackheart Black Letter.mp3
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