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  1. Video link https://docwily.com/music-%26-merch 01 The A (Clean).mp3 01 The A (Main).mp3
  2. FabDon - L.V's (Louie) - Explicit - (Pro. @Prod.LucaBeats)-.m4a FABDON IS SOUTH JAMAICA QUEENS' HOTTEST ARTIST RIGHT NOW! HE'S BEEN GRINDING ALONG TIME, FROM CONNECTING WITH DJ SELF, AND THE LATE "AMERICAN GANGSTER" CHAZ "SLIM" WILLIAMS OF BLACK HAND ENT & DJ KAY SLAY, BEFORE THEIR PASSING, AND BEFORE BEING INCARCERATED FOR 2 YEARS. NOW HE'S HOME AND WORKING HARD TO REGAIN HIS SPOT AMONGST BEING THE KING OF NY, AMONGST THE ELITES OUT NOW! HIS RECENT VIDEO "WE GO UP FREESTYLE" (click here) DID 115K VIEWS IN 10 DAYS, AND HES READY TO CAPITALIZE OFF THIS MOMENTUM. HES WORKED WITH VADO, TOURED WITH LLOYD BANKS, ON THE SCENE WITH 50 CENT AND MORE, ALL WHILE REBUILDING HIS BUZZ AND CATALOG! THIS IS HIS SUMMER GUARANTEED! SUBSCRIBE AND CHECK OUT HIS VIDEOS NOW @ https://www.youtube.com/user/365SGFABDONMUSIC/featured DJ'S, TASTEMAKERS AND PROMOTERS! VISIT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE, AND SIGN UP FOR THE MAILING LIST, TO GET EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO NEW MUSIC, VIDEOS AND MORE DROPPING SOON! CONTACT US FOR ANY BUSINESS INQUIRIES ALSO THRU HERE! >>>FABDON OFFICIAL WEBSITE<<< LYRICS TO SONG POSTED, BELOW! FABDON - L.V's (Louie) Lyrics! You Know Everything Icey, Got Smiley In the Cut Don D in the Buildin', Everything Ice, Ice, Ice, Ice, Ice... FabDon Gat Drawn... Yeah.. Look, Look.. (Chorus) "I'm covered, in L. V's So Fresh, you smell me?.. (Huhh!) Vuitton - thats Louie .. Drinkin'- Louie.. The 13th - Its Friday.. (Ahhhh) No scary- (yeah) movie... 5th Ave- wit' bags.. big bag (yeah) Spend It all - in Louie.. Drinkin'- Louie.. Drippin- Louie Walk out (yeah) - Louie Lets talk bout (Yeah) " (Verse) Damier Shit (Yeah) Diamond Earrings.. (ice, ice, ice) This dime is near me Her name was Diamond (Baby) She on timing (Designer) Her bag was Louie Bossy, grimey (What else?) Her Louie, Duffle (Duffle) It hold ah, Toolie Lightskin- Darkskinned (Huh) I walked in, no talkin (Hush) & Smacked her Booty (Yeaah, Uh) Fab to the Don I make it Rain in Louis Vuitton a Nigga front, then the gat'll be Drawn Walk in the building and Ring the alarm (Ahhh) Louie the hat & Louie the Feets I can up it and Louie the Jeans I'm like 8500 degrees Spent 500 on Louie atleast! (Chorus) "I'm covered, in L. V's So Fresh, you smell me?.. (Huhh!) Vuitton - thats Louie .. Drinkin'- Louie.. The 13th - Its Friday.. (Ahhhh) No scary- (yeah) movie... 5th Ave- wit' bags.. big bag (yeah) FabDon - L.V's (Louie) -Single (Prod. by @Prod.LucaBeats) - (Explicit Version).mp3
  3. Let me know your thoughts youtube lyrical video : Dj Kat feat. Lea7, Thaddy, and Diken - All I Want Is You.mp3 dope track fasho Instrumental and Acapella available as well
  4. Swazy - Big ft Smush ((Recording)).mp3 Www.Cbempirellcsoulbleedmmg.com Follow, Like, Share on IG - @CBEMPIRELLC or @SoulbleedMmg
  5. B.A.M.A • Not A Game Dropping 4.20.22 https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/bama2/not-a-game-explicit (Pre-Order Link) #unsignedartist #hiphop #newmusic #soundcloud #music #musicproducer #rapper #trapmusic #spotify #rap #unsignedrapper #musiclife #undergroundrap #rapartist #StatStory New single coming from B.A.M.A and prod. Cee O preorder in bio. Dropping on national light that shit up day. 4.20.22 Bangerrrrrrr Bang this shit! ITS GOIN OMM.. ALL DJS DM ME OR EMAIL: DBMPATL@HOTMAIL.COM BOOKING/FEATURES: 336-276-4493 IMG_0487.mp4 IMG_0489.mp4
  6. Memphis rapper Young Trap is back with his new single "Pressure" from his 8th studio album "All My Life!" Listen: http://linktr.ee/pressuresingle Video: https://youtu.be/kvuK0bCt7qc Social Media: http://Instagram.com/YoungTrapMuzic http://Twitter.com/YoungTrapMuzic http://Snapchat.com/add/YoungTrapMuzic Booking: 770-369-7303 Copyright (C) 2021 Debonaire Music Group.
  7. Social media Twitter: @TQuaseyroom Instagram: @Iam_quasey Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therealQuasey streaming and download links for the single: https://songwhip.com/quasey/secret-admirer music video: For any and all business contact: sidviciousjamz@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/MECAPMusic Quasey - Secret Admirer.mp3
  8. Giving the audience the ultimate retro vibe, Benkasso has released his latest single, 'Matter of Fact,' with a tune that will enchant you in its gritty magic and enjoy a firm hold on your playlist forever. So get ready to witness the artist at his prime while he experiments his way into the industry. Produced by Benkasso Official website: www.benkasso.net All social media: @Benkasso Stream/buy link: https://song.link/us/i/1585369471 BENKASSO - MATTER OF FACT (RADIO EDIT) (1).mp3
  9. Instagram.com/Antdelanopxe
  10. A song i made for my mother Burnadette... Momma.mp3
  11. I grew up in Miami and hated watching the Miami Dolphins loose so I became a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Living in Atlanta for long now so long I ride with dem Dirty Birds shawty!! Y.A.K. the hurt the city of ATLanta felt when the Falcons had faced the Greatest Of All Time, Tom Brady, in the Super Bowl LI; as we lost 34- 28. My girlfriend surprised me for my birthday with tickets for us to Super Bowl LIII Opening Night at State Farm Arena. There I saw in person how the mans gets an edge over his opponents. Tom Brady drink a tall metal canister of avocado juice or whatever during all the media questions that where fired at him but none of the other athletes or press stay hydrated during the evening. His is the NFL G.O.A.T. Maybe this year I'll learn not to bet against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. lyrics Yeah man Dem a chat G.O.A.T. Eena sport Seven and Five Give you Twelve Every time Tom Brady Seven and Five Give you Twelve Every time Tom Brady Seven and Five Give you Twelve Every time Tom Brady Seven and Five Give you Twelve Every time Tom Brady American Football season come back around Tampa Bay Dem a defend Dem World Championship crown Eena Eena Dem World Championship town De man Tom Brady Him nuh clown Which part him can be found Shotgun or under center Him can be found Playing QuarterBack Trips right single back on two Saying Green 18 Quick slant O ahkad end around Chay more than a first down Perhaps a quick slant to AB O ahkad tornado pass to Evans chest And we can’t figet Gronk Him might catch dis Touchdown pass Ma Tom Brady Have dem Red and Black Crunk Eena de End Zone have de Red x Black Crunk ... Antonio Brown ...L. Fournette ...Shaquil Barrett or Jason Pierre-Paul Mi nah come in with nuh false pretense No football game make With out Defense Dem man deh Tackle di offense And intercept pass Dem bad nuh ass Middle Linebackers Strong Safeties Defensive Ends All wan fi catch Tom Brady off di edge Or eena gap, Wrap and sack De G.O.A.T. Tom Brady Let de field taste him throat Anay ashar ham I’m like dem Anay always betting against Tom Brady Maybe dis year Mi learn Ride with Tom Brady So Mi nuh feel de burn Word khay dirty Birds ? Seven and Five Give you Twelve Every time Tom Brady Seven and Five Give you Twelve Every time Tom Brady Seven and Five Give you Twelve Every time Tom Brady Seven and Five Give you Twelve Every time Tom Brady Anay ashar ham #KomGhabaray #WordKhayDirtyBirds Ghabaray Hebrew words in this song ??: Akhad = One Anay = I , I’m Ashar = like, which , just like, just as Chay = for, that, is, because Ham = them Khay = Life Ma = from O = Or Jamaican Patwah / Patios words and in this song ??: Bad nuh ass = strong or forceful to get victory, good, very forceful; stand up for self, very bad De= the Dem = them Dis = this Dutty = dirty Eena = in Fi = to Figet = Forget Mi = Me, I Nuh = not, no Wan = want Presented by OSA Man for Aryeh Leb Entertainment ( ASCAP ) OSA Man Publishing Copyright Aryeh Leb Entertainment Distributed by CD Baby released September 9, 2021 OSA Man DOA Antonio Brown Leonard. Fournette Shaquil Barrett Jason Pierre-Paul all rights reserved ARYEH LEB ENTERTAINMENT aryeh leb entertainment dancehall draft kings foundation reggae hip - hop nbc sports predictor nfl reggae rip-hop roots reggae world champion Atlanta Tom Brady by OSA Man produced by OSA Man x DOA_Stereo_Adoani_Master.wav
  12. FOLLOW HARMONY DEVOE Friend Zone Remix (feat.Darius J).mp3 Friend Zone Remix (Radio) (feat.D.mp3
  13. Real Rap never died, Marty McWill - Under and Over ( Prepare To Be Amazed )-music-music.mp3
  14. jfye101


  15. F.Y.D.mp3
  16. Guest


    Start spazzing tougher x PHAU$iT prodG1.mp3
  17. Famous Kass - 556 (Official Audio) (1).mp4
  18. IG: @rogmajesty Twitter: @ROGMajesty Majesty - Stupid ft Tephlon.mp3
  19. Lil' Sly

    Lil' Sly

    Lil’ Sly & Omeretta The Great (Love & Hip Hop ATL) team up for the remix of Lil' Sly's hit “Cuttin Up''! Attached below are the MP3s (dirty & radio version) & the cover art for your library ! Thank You Stay Connected: Phone:4045966547 Instagram: @_lilsly_ Email: lilsly45@gmail.com Youtube: Lil' Sly Facebook: Lil' Sly Twitter: @LilSly_MrPolo Stream Lil' Sly on all major platforms! 01 Lil' Sly-Cuttin Up (Feat. Omeretta the Great).mp3 01 Cuttin Up (Feat. Omeretta the Great) (Radio Version).mp3
  20. Hi everyone this is the first single if my futur 6th album ... I record it specially with Last Atlantis beatmaker for you, cause Atl like Marseille where I was born IS hot place for rap an hip hop culture too Hope you'll liké it and share it Follow me on Instagram/Soundcloud/ReverbNation/jamendo/youtube/twitter/keakr... I ll offer you for free m'y 5 last solos albums for free listening and free downloading Add me/ follow me @Tresh mc officiel and just dm me: with thé words: "greenhitz gift" #Enjoy Thanks for your love and support #Peace Tresh Mc TRESH - WELCOME TO ATL djembe
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