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  1. EDM artist and missionary Dr Jaymz returns with his latest offering ‘Bless Me,’ to encourage listeners to see beyond their day-to-day troubles and open themselves up to faith. Immersive keys, rumbling 808s, and rolling hi-hats explode into electrifying vocals and an infectious drop for a danceable sound that blends the very best of grimy trap riffs, with EDM and hip hop. Dr Jaymz - Bless Me.mp3
  2. The Culture by C-Tzem The Culture by C-Tzem -Produced by Ryan Chum Cuevas a.k.a C-Tzem
  3. Musical missionary Dr Jaymz delivers a message of freedom in his latest offering ‘Set Me Loose’, where he infuses iconic house instrumentals with gospel lyrics, lovingly crafted to comfort and heal the lonely and broken. Ethereal synths, pulsing keys, and powerhouse vocals collide, for a straight up danceable house sound reminiscent of Joel Corry, Clean Bandit and David Guetta. Dr Jaymz - Set Me Loose.mp3
  4. The debut single from Lyric Stonez ‘Take This Heart’ is destined for success. An EDM artist from the US, Lyric is combining her faith with the adulation of the EDM festival crowd. Released in collaboration with musical missionary - Dr Jaymz, ‘Take This Heart’ is a straight up danceable house sound that will give audiences a deeply intoxicating and hands-in-the-air experience, reminiscent of sounds from Clean Bandit and Bebe Rexha. Lyric Stonez, Dr Jaymz - Take This Heart.mp3
  5. BIG DADDY SWOLLS NEW HOT SINGLE "MARY GO ROUND" Slaps harder than Will Smith! Smoother than Jada's Scalp! Mary Go Round Music Video Has reached 100,000 views in the last week. This Song is loved By All who hear it and is receiving MASSIVE ATTENTION and positive feedback from its viewers and fans! Ready For Release! Don't NOT be the last one to play this! Impacting All Top 40 / Dance Radio Stations May 2nd 👇 SUBSCRIBE TODAY FOR MORE MUSIC! https://bit.ly/3uQ6pCl Big Daddy Swolls "Mary Go Round "is available now: https://ffm.to/6kbqez7.oyd ****************************************** Connect with BIG DADDY SWOLLS: : Website https://www.bigdaddyswolls.com/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bigdaddyswolls Twitter https://twitter.com/BIGDADDYSWOLSTiktok https://www.tiktok.com/@bigdaddyswoll... Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BigDaddySwolls/
  6. Yo, Posting our upcoming single! It's co-written by the Brit-Award winner Becky Hill. Would love to hear your thoughts on it. Cheers, ManyFew Anton Powers x ManyFew - These Are The Days (feat. Liv Dawson).mp3
  7. https://Twitter.com/ilias64ro https://facebook.com/iliasro Eyes Moving But I'M Not.wma
  8. DANCING TO THE GROOVE.- dub version mst.mp3FEEL MY BASS Original Radio edit version.mp3FEEL MY BASS CLUB-Dance version (1).mp3Dancing to the groove
  9. The Swedish pop queen *Enoka* is back with a brand new studio release: "More Than Friends" Official Video Enoka is an artist and songwriter with a distinctive way to combine the warmth of R&B with the melodies of Pop. Her most recent studio effort is a new track titled "More Than Friends", which stands out as a great indication of the creative direction that highlights the artist’s path. There is a sense of spontaneity that fuels the performance, and everything, from the lyrics to the production, hits the mark. The synth-driven bass line has a big sound and an 80s feel, which feels quite remarkable in terms of sonic variety and depth. The vocals are often reminiscent of the 80s as well in terms of lush echoes and reverberated sounds, but the production has a modern sheen, which makes the release all the more crisp and dynamic to cater to the audience of today. This one is highly recommended to fans of artists such as Lauryn Hill, Beyonce and Aliyah, only to name a few.
  10. Stream Louie Sace-Pulla Double(DJ Pack).zip
  11. Tonight (Master).mp3
  12. from da CRATES https://www.hulkshare.com/9c7jof4vpgu8
  13. from da CRATES https://www.hulkshare.com/j1zji6smtzpc
  14. from da CRATES https://www.hulkshare.com/bik3ts9q9n9c
  15. from da CRATES https://www.hulkshare.com/l1934c6588w0
  16. Hot new single from the young legend, Boston DJ/MC Maverik (AKA @moneymav) featuring Marley Waters @Marley Waters (artist/producer of Tinashe's 2on). The two have known each other since childhood so the musical chemistry came naturally. "@DJ El Sid laced the track and it was a go from there." This high-energy East-coast banger has flavor & musical moments for days, whether it's Maverik's confident, well-constructed flow or Marley's clever, melodic cadences, Flexxin delivers! Full of sports references, quotable bars and just the right amount of braggadocio, this record goes hard! Out NOW on all platforms! Follow @Moneymav @officialmarleywaters & @djelsid on IG Shot by: @directorgolde www.moneymav.com for @MavlifeClothing featured in the video. Featured Models: @sarahisfocused @_abossy @chandrafrancaa @321danceforever @modeltaylormarie @_eduval @jdonahue21 Maverik - Flexxin ft Marley Waters (Official Video)
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