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Found 27 results

  1. Natalie C

    Natalie C - Mine

    When I was writing “Mine”, I was falling in love with someone who I thought was an amazing man. Things were so fluid & beautiful that I was longing for us to be together officially so I channeled my emotions. I feel like almost everyone has experienced this & I really wanted to write a song that expressed this exact feeling. The lyrics were thoughts..songwriting feels like I’m writing a diary entry. “JUST BE MINE ALREADY BABE! We’re amazing together so why are we wasting any more time!” Socials: @nataliecmusic__ on Instagram & Twitter
  2. Hello!! I am Naughty Alice, a freelance Producer and Artist from London, UK. I have just released my 4th single, 'One Of My Sins'. Please have a listen and share it around! LINKS TO THE SONG: https://ffm.to/zoljd3z All the best! Alice IG: https://www.instagram.com/naughtyalice__/
  3. Gamby - VCR (Guonka Remix).mp3
  4. This is a dance electronic single im promoting call ’’WE HERE NOW’’ produced by KASKETRUNNAZ/BLKMONOPOLYASSOC. INSTAGRAM@KASKETRUNNAZ TWITTER THEGODOFDREAMS@DAMICRIPPA we here now-edm master.mp3
  5. the hunter - abbey v2.mp3
  6. Tribal/ Uk Funky edition of Kate Wild Bassmore Not yet released to the general public the vocals used is royalty free. Will be released in the next few months. Bassmore_JXII Edition128bpm.mp3
  7. G.I Jonez - Ready (Clean Version).wav G.I Jonez - Ready (Clean Version).wav G.I Jonez - Ready.wav
  8. Demodan

    DemoDan Let It Go

    Let it go by demodan contains sample of " scared " by Ashanti Instagram DemoDan Soundwavemusic SoundCloud.com/soundwavemusic YouTube DemoDan Soundwavemusic Let It Go
  9. AYCE


  10. 2020 has been such a tough year across the globe for all, to bring some love and festive joy into the world i've put together a gift for you. If you love Christmas Big Beat Jazz click on the ‘Homely Christmas’ cover, but if you’re up for a totally different Christmas listening experience, click on the ‘Litty Christmas’ cover where UK Drill meets Christmas! https://emotivefrequency.co.uk/christmas-gift/ !Hope you enjoy and have a safe and festive Christmas! Young Athena Winter Wonderland IG.mp4 Young Athena - Winter Wonderland (UK Xmas Drill).mp3
  11. denco

    Kule T - Fly Away

    new music from the former lead singer of 90s rnb group MN8 uk soul at its finest! here is a performance video of the song : Kule T - Fly Away .mp3
  12. check out this uk female hiphop artist if you like stefflon don - you will love this.... check out the video : Ivorian_Doll_-_Rumours_Clean_.mp3
  13. Checkout Stefflon-Don new song "Instagram It" produced by Flaco Da Great for FiyaHouse Productions. Special cameos from Scary Movie 3,4, and 5 own Simon Rex and Wild N Out Girl Ms. Jacky Oh. Stefflon-Don is one of the newest members of the FiyaHouse team. This young rap star hails from London. With her lyrical delivery and Caribbean accent she will take the world by storm. Keep a look out for what she has in store this year. Her mixtape will be dropping soon "The Don Is Coming" Instagram it now available on itunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/instagram-it-single/id890580000?ign-mpt=uo=4
  14. MONEY - JAWS musicclout.com/money
  15. Guest


    take a listen to the record jaws http://www.musicclout.com/money
  16. Guest

    money - stay down

    https:// money - stay down. moneyiskidv.bandcamp.com dope hiphop from your boy kid.v - http://www.musicclout.com/money https://twitter.com/kid_v_money
  17. Guest

    dope hiphop

    dope hiphop from your boy kid.v - http://www.musicclout.com/money https://twitter.com/kid_v_money
  18. Guest

    dope hiphop

    dope hiphop from your boy kid.v - http://www.musicclout.com/money https://twitter.com/kid_v_money
  19. With only 22 years, Dj K-rreño is becoming one of the greatest DJs of UK Hardcore. Visiting various Boards and Clubs around Spain, currently owned by a record label called Rewired Records, which has allowed her way through the best DJs and Producers in the UK Makina. His theory is "Makina & Hardcore is not dead, us get up, not today or tomorrow but in the not too distant future" Following the rapid pace of 170 bpm, their tracks are full of magic, good quality sound and supreme admirable You Can follow or contac him on : - Twitter: https://twitter.com/KrrenoDJ - Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dj-k-rre-o - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DjKrreno - Tumbll: http://djkrreno.tumblr.com/ - For Buy: https://sellfy.com/DJKrreno He has been in: - Venezia Sala - Sala 666 - Discotheque REVER - SEVEN Discotheque - Store Coliseum - Zone 5 - Pouber Longuer - Luna House - Q.4 - DSWACS
  20. Hi, My First Mixtape Road To The Riches I is dropping on the 7th of December. Just wanted to promote a track find out what people everywhere think. Heres Track 5 - Marvo - Good Life ft J Essy http://gotinstrumentals.com/singles/Goodlife-296908.htm So yeah let me know what you think and follow me on twitter @MrMarvMusic I also love working with other artist and producer to produce greatness so holla at me. Im only a message away Bless Marvo
  21. New Tracks produced, 100% UK Hardcore sound!! You will be able to find them on sale soon, meanwhile enjoy them for free "ENOLA DESTROY" https://soundcloud.com/dj-k-rre-o/enola-destroy "OUT OF THE FUCKING BLUE" https://soundcloud.com/dj-k-rre-o/out-of-the-fuking-blue "TORBELLINE EMOTIONS" https://soundcloud.com/dj-k-rre-o/torbelline-emotions-free "SILENCE BASS" https://soundcloud.com/dj-k-rre-o/silence-bass-free-download Follow Me On: - Soundcloud: @dj-k-rre-o - Twitter: twitter.com/KrrenoDJ - Facebook: www.facebook.com/DjKrreno
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