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  1. The southern rapper Classic Buck$ released his latest single "Hold Up" which is certified for the strip clubs. This new single has caught the attention of many platforms and the wave it's on will grow before summer 2022.
  2. Robert Nix Is An Alternative Rock/Pop Artist From Toronto,Canada. All Songs Composed,Performed,Produced,And Engineered By Nix This Particular Song Is The TitleTrack To Nix's Latest Album 'The End Is Here' S Robert Nix The End Is Here.mp3
  3. Hi guys .. this is a mellow track I produced and wrote about self love and self reflection M A N U - Lose Control.mp3
  4. So whats goes on in your head stays in your head right? Wrong... Aint yall watched inception? This song is a love child of pop and hip hop. But yeah Anyways In our Head is about delusions of all kinds. Hope it gets stuck in your head. In our head Radio - M 2.0.mp3
  5. REDSIX Band


    REDSIX- Yorkie.mp3
  6. Hi there, My name is Clivey Scoundrel, a dope, South African rapper with an EP that just dropped and is available on all online platforms. Below, I have attached two of the songs from the EP which I know you will bump to and will enjoy mixing... Love & Light Clivey 388124663_Honey(Prod.byRayT).mp3 422891457_Snakex(Prod.byNtokzin).mp3
  7. Sanchit Agarwal's debut release rock/alternative single-track album ‘Victory’ tells about the battles that we go in our lives with ourselves, knowingly or unknowingly we fight them every second. This song is about the realisation, that the fight is over, the mirror is broken, you're the victory.
  8. [?HOT?] STATIC - @THEWILLPIKE final_61607002fe9e1400b15fd0d6_601225.mp4
  9. Ollie Winder - Playboys playboys.m4a
  10. Phabrick - Holy Ghost (Produced by Nawtyboi Tattoo).mp3 ❤??????
  11. https://open.spotify.com/track/4yhrGcZddR5wZVDz34X1sI?si=EX2BG7sLT1mx-WqzwmMt_A&dl_branch=1 B Movie final MP3.mp3
  12. Guest

    Nasty Geographic - Deserve You

    First single off out tenth album BOMBS dropping December 2021. 1. Deserve You 09-18-21 (1).wav
  13. Y $wAg:)

    Y $wAg:)

    https://soundcloud.com/swagian_7/popular-tracks https://t.co/iFikllUv98
  14. Son Yusha

    Son Yusha

  15. Watch Me - Gina Assunta https://song.link/i/1558950586
  16. Guest


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