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Found 20 results

  1. FabDon - L.V's (Louie) - Explicit - (Pro. @Prod.LucaBeats)-.m4a FABDON IS SOUTH JAMAICA QUEENS' HOTTEST ARTIST RIGHT NOW! HE'S BEEN GRINDING ALONG TIME, FROM CONNECTING WITH DJ SELF, AND THE LATE "AMERICAN GANGSTER" CHAZ "SLIM" WILLIAMS OF BLACK HAND ENT & DJ KAY SLAY, BEFORE THEIR PASSING, AND BEFORE BEING INCARCERATED FOR 2 YEARS. NOW HE'S HOME AND WORKING HARD TO REGAIN HIS SPOT AMONGST BEING THE KING OF NY, AMONGST THE ELITES OUT NOW! HIS RECENT VIDEO "WE GO UP FREESTYLE" (click here) DID 115K VIEWS IN 10 DAYS, AND HES READY TO CAPITALIZE OFF THIS MOMENTUM. HES WORKED WITH VADO, TOURED WITH LLOYD BANKS, ON THE SCENE WITH 50 CENT AND MORE, ALL WHILE REBUILDING HIS BUZZ AND CATALOG! THIS IS HIS SUMMER GUARANTEED! SUBSCRIBE AND CHECK OUT HIS VIDEOS NOW @ https://www.youtube.com/user/365SGFABDONMUSIC/featured DJ'S, TASTEMAKERS AND PROMOTERS! VISIT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE, AND SIGN UP FOR THE MAILING LIST, TO GET EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO NEW MUSIC, VIDEOS AND MORE DROPPING SOON! CONTACT US FOR ANY BUSINESS INQUIRIES ALSO THRU HERE! >>>FABDON OFFICIAL WEBSITE<<< LYRICS TO SONG POSTED, BELOW! FABDON - L.V's (Louie) Lyrics! You Know Everything Icey, Got Smiley In the Cut Don D in the Buildin', Everything Ice, Ice, Ice, Ice, Ice... FabDon Gat Drawn... Yeah.. Look, Look.. (Chorus) "I'm covered, in L. V's So Fresh, you smell me?.. (Huhh!) Vuitton - thats Louie .. Drinkin'- Louie.. The 13th - Its Friday.. (Ahhhh) No scary- (yeah) movie... 5th Ave- wit' bags.. big bag (yeah) Spend It all - in Louie.. Drinkin'- Louie.. Drippin- Louie Walk out (yeah) - Louie Lets talk bout (Yeah) " (Verse) Damier Shit (Yeah) Diamond Earrings.. (ice, ice, ice) This dime is near me Her name was Diamond (Baby) She on timing (Designer) Her bag was Louie Bossy, grimey (What else?) Her Louie, Duffle (Duffle) It hold ah, Toolie Lightskin- Darkskinned (Huh) I walked in, no talkin (Hush) & Smacked her Booty (Yeaah, Uh) Fab to the Don I make it Rain in Louis Vuitton a Nigga front, then the gat'll be Drawn Walk in the building and Ring the alarm (Ahhh) Louie the hat & Louie the Feets I can up it and Louie the Jeans I'm like 8500 degrees Spent 500 on Louie atleast! (Chorus) "I'm covered, in L. V's So Fresh, you smell me?.. (Huhh!) Vuitton - thats Louie .. Drinkin'- Louie.. The 13th - Its Friday.. (Ahhhh) No scary- (yeah) movie... 5th Ave- wit' bags.. big bag (yeah) FabDon - L.V's (Louie) -Single (Prod. by @Prod.LucaBeats) - (Explicit Version).mp3
  2. https://youtu.be/HxgysRx18Ac New IG; @1BiGJiGGyFly www.votcpromo.wixsite.com/JiGGyFly %22On My Own%22(Prod by Angelacencia).mp3
  3. from da CRATES of dj StedyBeets https://www.hulkshare.com/8t0ilfj8mge8
  4. beat 257.mp3 beat 256.mp3 beat 179.mp3 beat_167_MasteringBOX.mp3 beat_151_mastered.mp3
  5. Million Dollar Fargo 2 Fargo x Vibez .mp3
  6. I just by The 4th (me). It’s a new wave trap song. Similar to sounds like gunna and young thug. here’s a link for all platforms https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/the4th/i-just I just .m4a
  7. Blok.80 is a Hip-hop/rap artist from Chesapeake, VA. Independently operating under his own record label F.A.M.O.E. Records. blok-80_in-your-feelings-mcm-1.mp3
  8. only1nero - 9pm freestyle.mp3
  9. Instagram: @bludenimmusic twitter: bludenimmusic tic Tok: bludenimbdmg Contact: bdmgbookings@gmail.com
  10. from da CRATES of dj StedyBeets ... https://www.hulkshare.com/stedybeets/internet-money-ft-don-toliver-gunna-nav-lemonade-09-2020
  11. slight remix & radio edit by _______________ https://www.hulkshare.com/stowyhivtkw0
  12. Here ya'll go, have a great weekend and be safe out there. MUCH LUV FROM KAYOZ...
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