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  1. Mr D Pulla ft Come Up Dre & Topdre - I Aint Goin For It (Dirty).mp3
  2. Topdre - One Of The Greatest That Ever Did It (Dirty).mp3
  3. Topdre - Young In Traffic (Clean).mp3
  4. Lil Richye is back with his new hit single (Splurge) he addresses this song to his female audience explaining how he's willing to go all out and splurge on his girl by spoiling her with all of her wants and needs.
  5. https://fanlink.to/Topdre Youtube Spotify Itunes Topdre - Live Life Lavish (Clean).mp3
  6. Tha Vicious - Going Off (MM)(Mixtape).mp3
  7. Superstar Simmy! Atlanta's own! solid young artist with a great future ahead of him. Djs feelmfree to message us for any shout outs! We appreciate you! 85 Nights.mp3
  8. Mylik is the "OFFICIAL NEW WAVE"! That is all. Tap in! https://song.link/6chzzxnrd3pnz Mylik-New Wave (Mastered with Thunder at 63pct).mp3
  9. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS ARTIST! Mylik is the shit and the commode! Drum Set Is available now on all platforms. Tap in! https://song.link/6zph2h9cqzcsj My'lik- Drum Set.mp3
  10. A song from my EP, ENTER THE MIND OF MERG. Pain - Milli Merg EP .mp3
  11. follow me on instagram @youngshowtv and twitter @youngshowtv dm me for any additional info Young Show - Feeling Good _ft. Wild Yella_ (1).mp3 Young Show x GreenEyez - Keep It (1).mp3 Young Show - Feeling Good _ft. Wild Yella_ (1).mp3 Young Show-FyeThang.Ft Young Fire_1.tz.mp3 Young Show-Gucci Store Freestyle .mp3
  12. Https://twitter.com/topdreatl1 Https://instagram.com/topdre https://fanlink.to/Topdre Topdre ft Moolah Jetson - This That Chronic (Dirty).mp3
  13. Https://twitter.com/topdreatl1 Https://instagram.com/topdre https://fanlink.to/Topdre Drum Majors Atl - Legend Moves With My Boys (Instrumental).mp3
  14. High Level - Ella Quiere Gozar (Dirty).mp3 Https://twitter.com/topdreatl1 Https://instagram.com/topdre https://fanlink.to/Topdre
  15. Https://twitter.com/topdreatl1 Https://instagram.com/topdre https://fanlink.to/Topdre Big Hurt ft Mr D Pulla - I Dont Play Like Dat (Clean).mp3
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