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  1. Michael Jackson - Blood On The Dance Floor (Tenasede Bulldog Mix).mp3
  2. Check out the new track “Stunna Man” from Rising artist FloKid. The track goes too hard! You can hear it in his voice that he’s as authentic as they come, which makes his lyrics come to life and paint a visual story for anybody who listens to the track! All DJs this is my recommendation for this week‘s Top trending tracks for your Spotify playlist!
  3. Check out this classic mixtape by my bro Yung La. He hasn’t gone anywhere, and I’m a make sure of that.
  4. New Single ATL from Atlanta legend BabyD aka Dizzle off of his New MixTape ATLANTA LIVE produced BY BABY D & 706HITZ 02 Baby D - Atl.mp3
  5. https://open.spotify.com/artist/2k3sgr9NePXQjcqcOC05pI?si=2jdSmtEQS9SX7L1BuYj7-w STOP HATIN' V2.mp3
  6. https://youtu.be/0OUe-_eOK9w 30’s & switches 2.m4a
  8. Vooluminati Ft. Future-2.mp3
  9. bcae11e3a41e4c429a9c9758bf214d68.mov 144 unfinished.mp3 APPLE MUSIC INSTAGRAM MORE MUSIC I Follow Back ** Instrumental Available too DJS ** BOOKING INFO PHONE 7379006293 EMAIL sokonfidentialmusic@gmail.com IG: @Sokonfidential
  10. Hip hop legend Mr.Cheeks of "Lost Boyz" links up with Luckie Mazi and Stevey Fresh to produce a reggae/hip-hop smash Hit Record “Sexuation” What is Sexuation? What does it mean? According to producer/artist Stevey Fresh, Sexuation is The desire to surpass love in any given relationship between two persons as a passionate result of satisfactory guarantees at any given time and place. The new single sexuation has a Caribbean rhythm blending in with a hip/hop sound that created a audio masterpiece for the listening public. With today’s music being as raunchy as ever, Sexuation provides a classy and respectful serene vibe for the listeners. A Caribbean sound guaranteed to put any listener in the mood for sexuation. Stevey fresh straight out of Belize city, son of a musician. Stevey came to America in 1999. As words were put to his platform from the streets of Belize to the streets of America, rap dancehall music was introduced. "As to my audience I would to take you through a journey as I make you dance and understand my cultural music as dancehall and hip hop and rap. I been doing music for some time now did songs and stage performances with great people such as Skinny Gilly — Z Lala — lion — talent- Mantana — and the list goes on . My main focus is to connect with listeners world wide as I manifest my craft.. Music is life and will take you back to that place as you vibe". Stevey Fresh will continue working on great music great vibes and make you dance to the cultural sound . Every musician has a story to tell I will let you hear mine. https://www.instagram.com/stevey_fresssh/ Mr. Cheeks, is an American rapper best known for his work with the musical group Lost Boyz, and as a solo artist with the hit single “Lights, Camera, Action!”. https://www.instagram.com/mrcheekstv/ Luckie Mazi — Creative genius and marketing expert also known as @thegreatestpromoteronearth business man turned artist. Luckie Mazi is best known for production and marketing and promotion. Born and raised in Chicago,Illinois. In 2011 moved to Las Vegas,NV in order to pursue his entrepreneurial career in the entertainment industry. (@luckiemazi) Guest Appearances by : The Youth https://www.instagram.com/_dayouth/ Dj Mizz V: https://www.instagram.com/djmizzv/ Sexuation - Mr.Cheeks- Stevie Fresh - Luckie Mazi .mp3 Sexuation - CLEAN.mp3
  11. New Hoffa (Killarmy) feat.Bizz the Prince. From the New Album BLAKTRILOGY Vol.2. Also feat. DJ Kayslay, Sadat X, Killarmy, Solomon Childs, Baby Eazy E more…Radio Version and Dirty Attached W09 - Project Housing .wav W09 - Project Housing(RadioEdit).mp3
  12. Evolution of Hip Hop has been Sound Clouds favorite track on the Experimental Hip Hop Series, The Codex: Court Vision. This song is killing the DRT Indie Charts, and so I wanted to share it with Greenhitz. according to Speedonthebeat.com The music tribute is fitting for this banger watch below. Music Streaming Links Spotify Apple Music Amazon Music Sound Cloud The n.e.r.d. in D'Vo's name stands for needing eternal redemption and deliverance, A reoccurring theme in The Codex Hip Hop Series. Get the most current information on D'Vo's instagram page, and his website. Instagram Enter The Codex D'Vo One Sheet (3).pdf Evolution of Hip Hop Press Release.docx.pdf
  13. Ladies club banger that loves gangsters, and men that get out and make their money. Real kings in society. Home (confettidarealasoulja.com) https://www.facebook.com/ConfettiOnline https://www.instagram.com/confettidrs/ https://www.youtube.com/user/GoldMiningRecordsTV/videos https://www.amazon.com/Confetti-Reala-Soulja-Slowed-Chopped/dp/B07SVHPHX7/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Confetti+Da+Reala+Soulja&qid=1608684297&s=dmusic&search-type=ss&sr=1-1 Confetti Da Reala Soulja Contact B Brown @ 214-889-0770 Lilfredrecordz@gmail.com Carl Redou @ 713-806-9994 Carlredou@goldminingrecords.com Gangsta magnet (explicit).mp3 Gangsta magnet (2).mp3
  14. Mr D Pulla Ft Topdre - Build It Up.mp3
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