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Found 14 results

  1. Bay Area unsigned artist seeking management, marketing, and promotion. Instagram: @Sav One https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/savone/same-ol-song-feat-baby-gas--mattg this song is perfect for the radio and clubs Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Sav_One Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sav.650/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/Sav1musik for interviews, features, or shows contact email: TodoBienClothing@gmail.com Same Ol Song Clean.mp3
  2. Bigg Zacc newest joint. Six 9ine diss Bigg Zacc - Snitch-Nine
  3. Bio - Freedom Corner Brand (F.C.B.) is an independent production company/label based in Jackson, MS. Soundcloud - Twitter - https://twitter.com/freedomcornerb1 Instagram - https://instagram/freedomcornerbrand Facebook - https://facebook.com/freedomcorner.brand Snapchat - https://snapchat.com/freedomcornerb1 Tumblr - https://tumblr.com/freedomcornerb1 TikTok - https://vm.tiktok.com/KuSs4p/ Booking - cashandcarrymusic74@gmail.com WIN mastered.mp3
  4. US rapper Nina Ross aka Nina Turna from Tennessee has collaboration with Maceo Freebandz and Fats of Atlanta with single entitled "TRAFFICKING" produced by Zaytoven. Download "TRAFFICKING" (street) Download "TRAFFICKING" (radio edit) Follow Nina Ross on @TurnaNina @ninarossqueen @ninaturna
  5. Bsquare No Excuses 2 LISTEN/DOWNLOAD HERE new mixtape from up and coming rapper bsquare now available on datpiff sptoify etc go check it out asap. the artwork for the mixtape back is included with the tracklisting on it and my contact info is on it also twitter @bsquareblog instagram @trumptightbsquare Get mixtape distribution at @Raphenom.
  6. Cash Out Keyz Draft Day LISTEN/DOWNLOAD HERE @CashOutKeyz360 Born December 9, 1985, Marquis Wright, better known by his stage name Cash Out Keyz, and also by his alter ego C.O.K, is a fresh underground artist American rapper from Seattle By Way Of Brem City, Washington. With his unique sound only suited for him, he is sure to give you work that shares the voice of his city. Originally Keyz started out as and is currently a member of A.M.G (Ambition Musik Group) formally G.M.C. Cash Out Keyz is continuing his venture as an unsigned independent artist. FB: Cash Out Keyz Twitter: CashOutKeyz360
  7. RIC-A-SHA DOLLAZ LISTEN/DOWNLOAD HERE Artist: RIC-A-SHA Track Title: DOLLAZ Label: Madde Naccion/Arucca Flyboy Twitter: @Arucca Flyboy Facebook: WWW.Facebook.com/AruccaFlyboy Bio: Ric -A-Sha is a high energy American Rapper. With Ric a Sha''s word play and witty banter and his charisma he has quickly become one of the newest emerging artist to make a splash in the world of music. Ric A Sha is an American Rapper from Mckeesport Pa. Earning his stripes in the streets before embarking on a music career is at the heart of Ric A Sha's drive and embedded in the heart of his hustle. Ric A Sha has been making moves and friends with industry veterans such as Dipset's own Jim Jones & more. With the list of mixtape appearances of Ric A Sha quickly increasing its a fact you will see or hear from Ric A Sha sooner than later! Ric A Sha is an affiliate of the 730Dips. Get Single Distribution at @Raphenom.
  8. Savien Payne No Rookies LISTEN/DOWNLOAD HERE @CEODJASAP & @SavienPayne Savien Payne is a 22 year old singer, rapper, and songwriter hailing from Montgomery, Alabama. The creative first discovered his love for music at the age of 16 when he joined his church choir. Savien Payne decided to begin to write his own music at the age of 18, and is now progressing swiftly within his creativity. He is currently finishing up his degree in the Entertainment Industry. He is best known for his use of his different textures and characters in his voice, and is in turn, often mistaken for having other features on his songs. His musical style is a blend of electronic beats and synths, combined with pop/rnb vocals, blended with the element of hip-hop lyricism. @CEODJASAP & @SavienPayne Get mixtape distribution at @Raphenom. Tracklist 01 - Savien_Payne-Another_Rollie_Prod_By_mjNichols 02 - Savien_Payne-Buy_Another_Rillo_Prod_By_Lytton_Scott 03 - Savien_Payne-No_Rookies_Prod_By_The_Hipaholics 04 - Savien_Payne-Play_Your_Position_Prod_By_Aye-K.O 05 - Savien_Payne-Company_Prod_By_mjNichols 06 - Savien_Payne-For_Free_Feat_LA_Huddy_Prod_By_The_Beat_Plug_Slique_Vicque 07 - Savien_Payne-From_The_Rip_Feat_LA_Huddy_Prod_By_Dopant_Beats 08 - Savien_Payne-Twerk_It_For_A_Nigga_Prod_By_mjNichols 09 - Savien_Payne-Gotta_Have_You_Prod_By_Sinister_Beats 10 - Savien_Payne-Hold_It_Down-Shit_I_m_On_Prod_By_Odigitl 11 - Savien_Payne-Word_On_It_Feat_The_Arts_Prod_By_mjNichols 12 - Savien_Payne-Time_2_Thank_Feat_LA_Huddy_Prod_By_Xavior_Jordan 13 - Savien_Payne-Might_As_Well_Roll_It_Up_Prod_By_XaviorJordan 14 - Savien_Payne-Fxck_U_Right_Prod_By_IGNORVNCE 15 - Savien_Payne-U_Don_t_Love_Me_Prod_By_SeeoBeats 16 - Savien_Payne-Live_Life_Prod_By_XaviorJordan
  9. Regular Rell - Look Like Money (Official Video) @regular_rell YouR SuPPoRT iS aPPReCiaTeD!! IG @mahagonypublishing Follow @mahagony @firesquadmuzik Join FREE & Be Featured!!!>>> http://mahagonypublishing.blogspot.com/ "FIRESQUAD MUZIK GROUP" www.facebook.com/groups/1420278514859801
  10. http://www.datpiff.com/Shawty-Mac-Naughty-Chances-mixtape.670813.html
  11. A DOT K The Streets ft Missippi LISTEN/DOWNLOAD HERE @therealadotk #Check Out A DOT K "The Streets" ft Missippi #DGM/Island Def Jam Digital Distribution @therealadotk @dgm_ent Rapper/Songwriter/Producer/Arranger, A Dot K was exposed to the diversity of music from the time he was born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in South Bronx, New York and relocated to California as a child at the age of 9. A Dot K would keep rhythm with coffee cans full of rice as instruments along side his Step-father who was a musician in the Jazz and Blues group "Big Foot" a then successful local band. A Dot K has released 6 mixtapes the most notable of the collection was released in 2012. The Mixtape entitled the Conclusion which was hosted by Dj Absolut from Hot 97 and 106 and Park mixed by Dj Age. The lead song off the mixtape "Throw It Up" featuring Sly Boogy and Missippi made its Debut on 102.3 KJLH with host Ricky Waddas. A Dot K has been working diligently on his craft and built a relationship with super west coast producer Battle Cat. A Dot K has the tenacity along with the knowledge to keep himself relevant and successful in this industry. His Goal is to bring an original fresh style and sound to the music industry and emphasizes the importance of his music catalyzing your thoughts. Stay tuned for more from A Dot K as prepares to release new music and also executive produced his R &B Artist Missippi project. I.G: @therealadotk Twitter: @therealadotk Youtube: #Watch_Now ADOTK "The Streets" ft Missippi & Battelcat Website: www.adotkent.com Get Single Distribution at @Raphenom.
  12. Marvin The Martian Purple Yellow Mango DOWNLOAD HERE local omaha rapper, midwest rapper with his own independent record label AMG is here to present his trippy, street bt yet motivational mixtape puple yellow mango with mostly remixs https://www.facebook.com/pages/AMG-Martian/1486307301631305 https://soundcloud.com/amgmartian http://www.reverbnation.com/marvinthemartianamg/songs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc7j68x4__9CQ422DzXWSBA/feed?view_as=public Captianmartian@yahoo.com Track List 1. Im trippy 2. Adios/ amigos remix 3. Africa to America 4. All Green/ all gold remix 5. kobe remix 6. Fucking problems 7. pruple Yellow Mango 8. Best forever/ sosa remix 9. I fly 10. started remixx 11. Moner hoes lies/ MHL 12. Type of way remix 13. Magic 14. space jams 15. true feeling 16. Deuces remix 17. o city 18. work ftfondue 19. YBR 20. o lets do it remix ft fondue 21. cheifer 22. mind gone 23. Mary Jane 24. cloud 10 25. YBR ft fondue 26. yuck remix 27. stay chiefing
  13. Jung Coasta #IAMCOASTA DOWNLOAD HERE New Mixtape From Jung Coasta Hosted By ICU Of Stack Or Starve Dj's Zoooooom IN! Stream & Download Follow @StackOrStarvDJs, @ICUOnThaBeat & @JungCoasta_TMF1 Track List 01 - IAMCOASTA (prod by xP Musik) 02 - Sponsor (prod by Casino) 03 - Throw away - Charlie Scorsazy feat Jung Coasta Bob-Bo (prod by Casino) 04 - She said it (prod by Pyroman) 05 - Say somethin feat Charlie Scorsazy 06 - Crazy (prod by Johnny Juliano) 07 - Drug habit feat Charlie Scorsazy (prod by xP Musik) 08 - Wanna be feat Mr Blue Ghost (prod by Mick Business) 09 - Athlete feat Mr Blue Ghost Charlie Scorsazy (prod by xP Musik) 10 - Judging (prod by Migl Beatz Vybe Beatz) 11 - Superstar chick feat J Marz (prod by xP Musik) 12 - Been like that ft Maine Benji (prod by Platinum Sellers) 13 - Waited so long feat Jung TrU (prod by Platinum Sellers) 14 - Forever (prod by Platinum Sellers) 15 - Dont worry bout me (prod by Platinum Sellers) 16 - Da ghetto feat Maine Benji (prod by xP Musik)
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