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Found 62 results

  1. The facets of music and its ever evolving nature have given rise to a new breed of artist and musician. 80Degreez is a leader in the new school of contemporary Hip Hop artists and producers. He is constantly pushing the envelope and reinventing his sound. 80Degreez is a multi-talented music producer born in Columbus, Georgia and raised in College Park on the Southside of Atlanta, Georgia. He is making music that is driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, comfort and spread love and joy to all those that hear it. Born Gregory Williams, 80Degreez is the embodiment of originality and uses his experiences and musical acumen to create an amalgamated and original sound. 80Degreez has had a vast array of musical influences however he accredits the pivotal influences and inspiration in his life to Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Gospel, Pop. Country as well as icons such as Quincy Jones, Dr. Dre, Marley Mal, Bob Marley and all classical composers. This all culminates in 80Degreez producing a musical experience that is enjoyable, easy going but also authentic and grounded in reality. It is music that is relatable to people and infused with positive energy to allow for an immersive experience that brings feelings of elation and happiness. His overarching ambition is to establish the creativity back in hip hop and music in general. and to create something that's different unique and memorable. 80Degreez has several projects in his repertoire. He will be releasing his latest album dubbed “80Degreez Presents: Hip Hop Made Me Do It”. The project currently has 2 singles that are out namely “Love So Good” and “Hold My Hand” that showcase his creativity in a uniquely constructed piece of musical artistry. His sound exhibits his versatility and prowess as a producer and will surely cement his style as well as pave the way for the varied expressions of his musical ideas and artistic craft. This is the music that will push the boundaries of our perception as well as inspire and drive us to introspective conversations. Hip Hop has needed a new message, new ideas and a new way of thinking for a long time and now it is finally here! As long as artists and producers like 80Degreez exist and his story and vision is brought to life then this is the music that may not change the world, but can change the people in the world. Hold My Hand (Mastered).mp3
  2. YouTube link to stream(dear friend) For more click here Swagger babs - Dear Friend mp3.mp3
  3. Evil Twins x Merkio.m4a
  4. MAGIK MASTER 1.0.wav
  5. Https://twitter.com/topdreatl1 Https://instagram.com/topdre https://fanlink.to/Topdre Mr D Pulla ft Luh Smokay - No (Dirty).mp3
  6. $ DaVinci

    $ DaVinci

    Hey my name is $ DaVinci I'm 28 and I'm from Albany, GA GA Heavyweight - Dollar Sign Da Vinci.mp3 hardlife.mp3 Non stop = mas.mp3 DollarSign_Da_Vinci_Ft_Eggo_X_DBoi__5_Star_Federal2.mp3 DreamsOfRoyalty.mp3 My Life.mp3
  7. Daniel Quartey Esko Joint Daniel Quartey Esko Joint (1).mp3
  8. https://open.spotify.com/track/2h3vAKmrJbeqCfWCG7nKQn?si=ILwk0OU6SfeKdHYdIzIZNA
  9. VConscious


    Just in time for Valentines Day! Available to stream EVERYWHERE Let me know what you think of the track! Would love to get some remix's going
  10. Save the Date.mp4 New Single dropping from B.A.M.A on 2.14.21 Pre-Save Link Follow B.A.M.A Everywhere: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/intellectualbama TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@jrmesser18 Twitter: https://twitter.com/FrancisMesser3 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001458372538 #kingbamabih #dbmpent #dbmp4life dbmp-entertainment.com Save the Date.mp4 B.A.M.A-What You Runnin' From.mp3
  11. Https://twitter.com/topdreatl1 Https://instagram.com/topdre https://fanlink.to/Topdre Top Dre - Everythang About Me Dope (Clean).mp3
  12. ring ring ring (pain of grass).mp3
  13. https://youtu.be/RQxJ75UMQes Livorachie ft Top Dre - All Night New Lifestyle (Dirty) (1).mp3
  14. Love Joe is an Afrobeats artiste in Ghana characterised with cool melodious Afrobeats and Highlife tunes. Check out this single. Hope you love it. Love Joe - LOBI.mp3
  15. Hi I'm Zee, Let me know what you think about my song flowin'. It hits stores in a week. Thank you, Peace and Love Zee flowin__1
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