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Found 48 results

  1. Download mp3: http://www.hulkshare.com/3o8748hgjhz4 New Dancehall Music 2018: Karamanti - Imagine That (Official Music Video)
  2. Nu Jerzey Devil has released the visual for his newest single Take Money. "Double C's on the bag, Fifty-five on the tag, Take a ni**a for his last, Leave the club with the cash, All she do is Take Money...All she do is Take Money!" Take Money is the perfect anthem for all those "Take Money", always grinding type of women! The track produced by Bongo By The Way, Nu JerZey Devil rides this beat perfectly! In addition it'll having you vibin' to it while you light one up in the club, and pop some bottles with a few Get Money type of beautiful women! The video is shot at JerZey's second home...Miami! Take Money, directed by Shula The Don, who captured JerZey tearing through the city in a double R, partying at Miami's hotspots and enjoying life with beautiful ladies by his side who are always about their business....Always focused on that paper! Nu JerZey Devil is continuously on a money mission and Take Money, is art imitatingJerZey's real life events! In the words of Ani Galestanian/LimitLess Entity [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_O1nUkaWRs] "I came from the Bottom, I taught myself how to Dj, how to shoot my own videos. I put together a team I trusted, and we never stopped grinding" States Nu JerZey Devil, when asked about his humble beginnings. Where there's a will, there's a way and JerZ definitely paved his own way. Having learned to Dj in addition to producing at a young age, provided Nu JerZey Devil with the opportunity to produce for notable artists such as Lil Wayne, Neyo, and of course West Coast Hip Hop Artist; the Game who JerZ has been Djing for many years. FOLLOW NU JERZEY DEVIL ON FB IG AND TWITTER Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NuJerzeyDevil1/ Instagram: @nujerzeydevil Twitter: @nujerzeydevil
  3. Buck City releases his latest mixtape today. The mixtape is titled "The Hate Never Paid You" Hosted by Dj Smoke. This mixtape has 14 songs including his main single "Chasing Money". Watch Chasing Money below on You Tube. Follow Buck City on IG @_buckcity_ and support and upcoming unsigned artists!
  4. Europe’s Pop Princess is back! Celeste Buckingham and her brand new Album, BARE. You may have heard of the resurgence of the diva vocalist trend, and European pop artist and songwriter Celeste Buckingham is leading the curve. Her earlier hits include ‘Run Run Run’ (with over 20 million hits on Youtube) ‘I’m Not Sorry’ (dedicated to woman’s rights and released on International Women’s Day) and ‘Crushin’ My Fairytale’, that rocked the Billboard Top 40 charts in the United States. With an impressive hit record, the sultry singer is back with a brand new album and debut song. Her new single ‘Go Away’, is the rhythmic break up anthem we’ve all been looking for, and her album, BARE, moves with the effortless seam of thoughts and emotions of a great cliffhanger. When asked to elaborate, Celeste says “This album took me to a different place. I have been writing music for a while, so I wasn’t expecting for it to be such a roller coaster ride. But to write these new songs, I really dug deep within myself to share some experiences and emotions I didn’t think I had with my listeners and my fans. It was quite the experience from a songwriters experience.” Truly, the album is quite the musical profile of the artist herself. From a new take on the classic ballad stereotype with her song ‘Rose’ to exploring the realm of rhythmic and oriental rap in ‘Addict’, Celeste has clearly expanded her horizons. “Go Away was fun to write and record, despite the fact that the lyrics come from a pretty dark place,” she explains. “It is definitely inspired by one of my personal experience in a relationship, where you wish the other would just leave you be, and yet you know that’s never really going to happen. I tend to deal with my problems and emotional roadblocks with humor, and I tried to incorporate a little sarcasm into the lyrics. I think the key is to never really take yourself or anyone else too seriously, and always know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A relationship may end, but you’ll still be standing.” The album name only reaffirms the honesty and raw emotion heard in every song. “I called my album BARE, because honestly, I feel the most vulnerable and exposed when I write and perform music. It’s a very personal process to me, and I do believe that with every word and every note, you’re sharing a little piece of your soul. I think that’s a wonderful thing, but at the same time, it can be a little frightening to admit to the world who you really are inside. We all wear our daily masks and our invisible armor. But with this album I wanted to be completely true to myself in every sense of the word. Music transcends all barriers and borders, and I think that also applies to our own internal walls. I’m trying to pull my down and just lay them bare. Click here to watch Celeste's video for "Run Run Run"! Follow @CelBuckingham on Twitter Facebook and Instagram
  5. Into the spotlight for which she was born steps a genuine diva. With musical wisdom that belies her youth, Celeste Buckingham seamlessly blends contemporary R&B, soul, hip-hop, and can rock a street corner jam just as easily as a sold-out stadium. Because for Celeste, it’s not about genre or numbers, but feeling and message. Whether she’s deftly balancing the whisper and thunder of a power ballad or just crooning lounge style, her voice is pure passion and ingenuity. Get ready to make your finger sore from hitting the replay button. Ears really do smile. The Pop Princess of Europe, as fans call her, refers to her powers “a gift,” modestly glossing the endless hours she’s spent honing them. And with the opening lines of her 20-million-view smash debut hit, Run, Run, Run, she lets us know there’s depth to complement those operatic pipes: “All is fair in love and war / but all I do is love you more…” That’s the kind of compression and wit you would expect from a veteran wordsmith, not a 17-year old ingénue, but four years on Celeste continues to electrify the industry with works whose quality keeps her in a league of her own. Already a certified platinum artist and MTV Music Award winner in Europe, Celeste is now set to blow up the charts worldwide from the US to Japan, with her single Crushin’ My Fairytale already making Billboard’s Mainstream Top 40. She was the youngest X-Factor judge and the second youngest Cosmopolitan cover model in history, is an official ambassador for L’Oreal, and has starred in a feature film as – what else? – a princess. Celeste is also committed to many philanthropic and charitable organizations and causes, such as CARE.org, Boys & Girls Club of America, autism (Nobody Knows) and women’s rights (I’m Not Sorry). “Music is a ladder for the soul,” she says. Check out the world’s next vocal icon and let yours climb to new heights of wonder. Below we have the official video clip for Celeste's hit single Run, Run, Run!! Make sure you follow @CelBuckingham on Twitter Facebook and Instagram
  6. “Walking Check” takes you into a day in the life of KD Young Cocky and him climbing to the top of the industry, accumulating success and wealth along the way.“Walking Check” visual gives fans an opportunity to explore KD’s lifestyle as he transitions from the average artist to a well rounded brand. The video is a direct reflection what many artist desire, yet in the visual KD coins himself as the “walking check,” calling himself a gold mine as a metaphor to his potential and accomplishments. Stunting with the big house and fast cars, KD shows his fans how to live a lavish lifestyle by building on your own empire and calling the shots. In it, he invites viewers on the adventures he gets into on the daily, from performing and turning up, to making it rain and popping bottles with the homies. The “Walking Check” video is a dope depiction of his lifestyle demonstrating that not only does money bring happiness but that his swag categorizes him as the cream of the crop. Follow KD Young Cocky, for more music news: Twitter : @kd_youngcocky IG: @KdYoungCocky Bookings: Bookkdyoungcocky@gmail.com
  7. The scene is in representation of how you representing what you do. Which I got the Comrade Mysonne and Jijaga to Put It In The Sky, In representation of the Bronx and how they do, then I got the JoJo Pellegrino, to Put It In The Sky, in representation of how he do for Staten Island, Then I had the Rockboy Gz, and Smooth Da Hustler, come through and Put It In The Sky, in representation of how We do in Brooklyn. So Put It In The Sky, is basically you representing whatever it is that you do. @BerryGoodz74
  8. [Video] Tev Geez @TevGeez - By the pack

    . The Philadelphia Recording artist Drops a New Video / Mini Movie "BY THE PACK" from the latest Mixtape "NEVER ENOUGH" Shot by Tre Prada Twitter @TevGeez Director Twitter @TREPRADA https://youtu.be/bcj8oZZAaa8
  9. Triple S Slang - Smoking Dope Prod By @JHolbenProd by promomixtapes Artist: Triple S Slang Colombian, Loppsyded, J HolbenSong Title: Smoking DopeProducer: J HolbenEngineer: SMSP (loppsyded) Shot/Directed by: WeVideoVisions (BasikDaKidd, TrueGangBoss) NEW MIXTAPE "MARY" OUT NOW Triple S Slang - Mary https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/triple-s-slang-maryFollow Us on Instagram: @Triplesslang @JHolbenProd @Loppsyded420 @TripleSColombian @WeVideoVisions @BasikDaKidd @TrueGangBoss @Promovidz
  10. Brand New Single From E-Reign "Magnet"..... "Magnet" is a downtempo collision of poetry and poise, all while delivering a powerful message lyrically. With a hooky synth-riff backing up bass and percussion, the song is laid out simply and direct. E-Reign explains the creative goals and thematic elements of "Magnet," "I don't think the music world is giving enough attention to the females out there busting their butt, holding down a job and family." This track is a musical mantra of turning pain into gain, trademarked by E-Reign's inimitable sound and style.E-Reign is known for stepping outside the box and setting trends with his music. In this cut, he motivates his female listeners to do the same. "Magnet" is supported by a music video directed by New York City's Jonathan Gambino. The video puts a big-screen storyline to the song as it follows two females, one a positive role model; the other an antagonist. Produced by K-Roc of ESM Productions, "Magnet" is the follow-up to E-Reign's most recent single, "Different." Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30RZCs_13w4&feature=youtu.be Download Links: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/mag...https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01...Connect with E-reignhttps://instagram.com/futureofnewyork/https://twitter.com/ereignesmhttps://www.facebook.com/ereignesmhttp://www.ereignmusic.com/https://play.spotify.com/album/6IfQC7... https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/e-reign/id739775734
  11. 2016 Pop Anthem "LONELY" A DATING GAME PARODY By Kidd Star featuring Kayno Artist: Kidd Star // Kayno Label: Live Wire Empire Producers: Kidd Star // Jason Kagan Editors: Justin Kuhn // Billy Kelly Dancers: Mixed Motionz Album: Kidd Star And The Weekend Warriors DOWNLOAD: iTunes: https://itun.es/i6Yx79b Amazon: https://amzn.com/B01BQ4N9LA FOLLOW: twitter.com/kiddstar facebook.com/djkiddstarmusic instagram.com/djkiddstar soundcloud.com/kiddstar www.djkiddstar.com
  12. Miami Tip "Low Key" ft. Fetty Wap Directed By: Christian Breslauer (@ChrisTheDirector) Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQGLNtN3biY ALT Link: https://vimeo.com/156451771
  13. Meat - Hit Da Floor

    Meat Hit Da Floor LISTEN/DOWNLOAD HERE Produced By: Hawkgothitz Contact: Meatblackmusic@gmail.com 678-662-2573Twitter/IG @blackboymeat Get Single Distribution at @Raphenom.
  14. [Video] Blizz Money - Addicted ft Young Scooter

    Chicago Unsigned Hype artist Blizz Money of Staboiz Ent. links up with Atlanta's own Young Scooter of Black Migo gang for the joint titled "Addicted". Produced By Scott Styles. Cameo appearances from: King Louie, Lil Mouse & Top Shatta! Follow @BlizzMoney25 @StaBoiz & Visit www.STAIBOIZENT.COM
  15. Yung Stakks - Stakk Money Official Video from Promovidz on Vimeo. Available on iTunes: https://itun.es/us/ulpv7 www.yungstakks.com www.chinemusiconline.com
  16. Doc Wily Look at the boy

    Doc Wily Look at the boy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsC16_cZKQs djs get it at http://www.hulkshare.com/docwily/look-at-the-boy-master The new single from Doc Wily - Look at the Boy (Peep My Technique) - Single - https://itun.es/i6S96mN #iTunesLabel: Wily Music LLC 2015Directed by: Brandon WigginsEditing: Wiggins Studios Music produced By : Weesraw and Will of Bad FmMixed by: Dj Cutmaster Swiff Mastered at Stankonia Studios https://itun.es/i6S96mN #iTunesDirected by: Brandon WigginsEditing: Wiggins Studios
  17. Brand New Single From E-Reign "Need More" Video link - https://youtu.be/lELj4Moa4Kk Dir.By @DirectorGambino Prepping his debut on the hip-hop scene, rapper E-Reign has released his newest single “Need More” to introduce his brand to a wider audience, touch the soul and promote the realness. “Need More” is a flurry of hi-hats and snares, a soulful sample chorus, and wavy synths that create a New York vibe (something the rapper feels many artists from his city are afraid to stand behind) and a go-and-get-it attitude to match, brought on by E-Reign’s desire to further his craft and build his empire. In addition, the single serves to uplift the members of the community and encourage them to constantly strive for more, no matter how much they have already accomplished. Connect with E-reign https://soundcloud.com/ereignindalab https://instagram.com/futureofnewyork/ https://twitter.com/ereignesm https://www.facebook.com/ereignesm https://soundcloud.com/ereignindalab http://www.ereignmusic.com/
  18. [Video] Ju The Czar @JublackFlag - Zoom In 3

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlA6LPQbLxE New Video From St.Louis Native Ju The Czar Off his project entitled "The Revival" : Kings And Pawns Vol.2 Visit: www.BlackFlagFamilia.com Follow @JublackFlag
  19. Youtube Indie Support

    Hey there. I'm Iron-M.I.C. (eMcee In Control) If you would like to network, build your youtube pages, interact with one another's content, and expand our market bases... we should hit each others youtubes up. You can find my youtube page at www.youtube.com/ironmictv
  20. Artist: J DUB Song: I'm Coming Label: Quest Music Group Twitter: https://twitter.com/questmusicgroup Youtube Link: http://youtu.be/MzWYP3p53_Y Available on iTunes! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/im-coming-single/id926818658
  21. Pittsburgh’s own Wiz Khalifa appeared live on WWE’s Monday Night Raw and performed his new song “Go Hard or Go Home" for the first time on TV. http://getmybuzzup.com/wiz-khalifa-performs-new-song/
  22. After months of viral campaigning the popular catchy single gets a stellar visual to back up the hype. Coming out of Rockford, IL. lookout for more new music and projects in the works. Follow Him @Jilla_815 Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuzopPATamY
  23. [Video] Logan P. McCoy - Black Morning

    Logan P. McCoy - Black Morning by promomixtapes Artist: LOGAN P. MCCOY Video: “BLACK MORNING” YouTube link: http://youtu.be/1Yuq2oi06zA DailyMotion Link: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2il8x9_logan-p-mccoy-black-morning_music Director: Dylan Verrechia Label: MCCOY MUSIC Website: http://luckylogan.com/
  24. J.Hill - Blow Up Tha Spot

    Shot this in downtown Houston the song is called " BLOW UP THA SPOT" all my twerkers turn up! contact info: hilljay32@gmail.com Artist: J. HILL Video: “BLOW UP THA SPOT” YouTube link: Director: Micheal Artis Label: PITBULL RECORDS Website: n/a
  25. [Video] Besnkheru - Love Don't Make It Right

    Artist: BESNKHERU (bes-in-k-roo)Video: “LOVE DON’T MAKE IT RIGHT”YouTube link: http://youtu.be/_x1OVYQ-4GQDirector: Jay Michael/BesnkheruLabel: BES MUSICWebsite: http://www.grindlifemusic.com/