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  3. Feels like a reunion, seeing this promo pack feels like old times.
  4. Great vibe! Thank you for the honor of asking for my input. I will share! All my best! Sharon, proprietor of Pottsville PA Band Network.
  5. As they say in TX, It's goin down
  6. We Are Seeking Out Music For Promotional Use Only on many upcoming projects for various clients please send us your details to zartheanr@gmail.com
  7. YES! great sound. Keep up the good work
  8. Smooth jam! will give it a spin
  9. Great Sound! Will give it thumbs up
  10. Great sound! Keep up the good work
  11. I really enjoyed the jam. Will give it a spin
  12. Nice work! great job, keep up the good work
  13. Very Nice, will give it a spin
  14. Very Hard jam, Cruising music. will give it a spin
  15. Finally something new, keep up the good work.
  16. Great Sound! will give it a spin
  17. Wow! Nice work, will give it two thumbs up!
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