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Found 110 results

  1. DJ Prodigio - New Day (Original Mix).mp3DJ Prodigio - New Day (Extended Mix).mp3
  2. BOLOGNA, ITALY – The well known Italian dj and producer Waxlife has been the first to make a remix of a Be a Bear’s song. For the occasion the Bear (Filippo Zironi) has announced a full album of remix that will be out in the next months and will be released single by single. This is what Waxlife has declared “Remixing Be a Bear was a challenge that I gladly accepted. The DIY attitude, a bit punk, that characterizes the project was the main reason that pushed me to accept. Technology has brought us to a very high average quality level but, paradoxically, we are living in a moment that is a bit flat at a creative level. I appreciate those who know how to exploit the possibilities that technology offers us, I appreciate those who try and create.I tried to make Filippo’s attitude my own but with my different background, as a DJ, as a fan of electronic music, trying to give a further and different look to his My Lullaby ". Filippo Zironi about the remix: “Thanks to his professionalism, Waxlife has succeeded in an arduous task: combining the sweetness of a lullaby with the desire to disappear and dance head on at a late 90s rave party. Extreme desire to listen to it and dance it late at night, in a club, one of those with few lights and with a bad smell in the air. Absolutely successful experiment.” Be a Bear's Biography: Without a doubt Be a Bear is an original, experimental and very curious project. "Martin Doesn't Agree" EP (2019 - Il Piccio Records), "Climb Your Time" (2018 - La Fame Dischi), "Time" EP (2017 - La Fame Dischi) and "Push-e-Bah" (2016 - La Fame Dischi), are the key to enter the lair of Be a Bear, behind which hides Filippo Zironi. The Italian artist born and raised for 15 years in the ska-punk with Le Braghe Corte, today is working on his own project with absolute simplicity and for this reason rather brilliant. His "electro-bear-pop" is immediate, characterized by synths, 80s sounds, tribal rhythms and straight kick. An electronic base that mixes with the old school of rock and the sounds of nature, in which the voice is not just a melody but a set of colors with a clear and positive message. A curiosity: the Italian producer uses the iPhone to compose, record, mix and then produce his entire music. The mobile phone is intended as a real recording studio - as well as a musical instrument- he also does not disdain the use of toy instruments rigorously stolen from his daughter Bianca. He also loves to use his inseparable electric guitar and a hand-made little guitar with a box of good wine. Multilink: https://beabear.lnk.to/MyLullaby Facebook: facebook.com/beabearmusic Instagram: instagram.com/beabearmusic Twitter: twitter.com/beabearmusic Tik Tok: tiktok.com/@beabearmusic
  3. Falodun Fisayo Israel known as Fissy-K is a Nigerian Afro pop artiste. He just served out this street Jam he tittled (#No Drag).. produced by his long term producer (Sweetsoundbeatz) this is a promising take over hit. kindly listen and share your thoughts. Many thanks @fissyk AUD-20210527-WA0000.mp3
  4. Shout to @djself for playing Hocus 45th’s new song ‘Hands High’ on Power 105.1 ft. @therealwebstar produced by @tmayde and @therealwebstar ... Song available on all digital platforms Wednesday 5/19/2021 https://www.instagram.com/tv/CO4KMNAFoa1/?igshid=1wtqxnctdhs2x Follow Hocus 45th on all platforms (links below) https://instagram.com/hocus45th?igshid=dhcd3zuwljfw Hocus 45th on Apple Music Hocus 45th HANDS HIGH dirty.mp3 Hocus 45th HANDS HIGH clean.mp3
  5. I made this song for all lovely and caring Mother's in the whole wide world and it is time for us to put a big smile on their face Sista Akos Hello Mama mixed by BeatKingm
  6. Jehan non lance son deuxième Ep «Bresom», qui est un projet de trois titres dans lequel on retrouve le son «AGAIN», A travers ce projet, il exprime le côté sombre de sa musique dans un univers Trap music tout en mettant en avant le son «flex» qui sera suivi d'un clip. Jehan X Fuzzi Again.mp3
  7. Jehan non lance son deuxième Ep « Bresom », qui est un projet de trois titres dans lequel on retrouve le son "AGAIN". A travers ce projet, il exprime le côté sombre de sa musique dans un univers Trap music tout en mettant en avant le son « flex » qui sera suivi d’un clip. Jehan X Fuzzi Again.mp3
  8. Https://twitter.com/topdreatl1 Https://instagram.com/topdre https://fanlink.to/Topdre Drum Majors Atl - Legend Moves With My Boys (Instrumental).mp3
  9. High Level - Ella Quiere Gozar (Dirty).mp3 Https://twitter.com/topdreatl1 Https://instagram.com/topdre https://fanlink.to/Topdre
  10. TiK ToK -DJ LiL X - LiL Boss Entertainment.mp3
  11. All Platforms http ://nmdeal.fr
  12. Https://twitter.com/topdreatl1 Https://instagram.com/topdre https://fanlink.to/Topdre Azato - Your Love.mp3
  13. Https://twitter.com/topdreatl1 Https://instagram.com/topdre https://fanlink.to/Topdre Da Mind - Beautiful .mp3
  14. Https://twitter.com/topdreatl1 Https://instagram.com/topdre https://fanlink.to/Topdre Topdre - Goin In Still (Clean).mp3
  15. Https://twitter.com/topdreatl1 Https://instagram.com/topdre https://fanlink.to/Topdre Top Dre - Cant Knock Me Off My Pivot (Dirty).mp3
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