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  1. https://images.app.goo.gl/L1PzPvfskX5reoTWA 1.LOOK AT ME.mp3
  2. New exclusive rap single titled ‘Kremewet’ by KB Dalegendary Dub ft Pastor Troy KB Dalegendary Dub ft Pastor Troy - Kremewet.wav
  3. Memphis rapper YNC Crashout is back with his new single "Stamp That!" Video: https://youtu.be/gZEZG6KXosA Social Media: http://www.instagram.com/ync_crashout http://www.twitter.com/ynccrashout Booking: 770-369-7303
  4. JONATHAN SEVONE - AWAKENING (DEMO) I'm excited to introduce you to the latest musical gem by Jonathan Sevone: "Awakening - Demo." This fresh release is already making waves, and I wanted to give you a sneak peek into what makes it so special. With Jonathan Sevone's signature touch, this track is sure to awaken your senses. 🎵 Track Details: - Name: Awakening - Demo - Artist: Jonathan Sevone - Title: Awakening (Demo) - Release Date: 27th September 2023 - Key: C# Maj - Tempo: 156 BPM - Length: 02:40 - Track Number: 1 of 1 - Explicit: No 📈 Popularity: Soaring at 12% 💃 Danceability: Perfect for dancing with a 64% rating! 🔥 Energy: A vibrant track with 35% energy 😄 Positiveness: Radiating positivity with a 17% score 🗣️ Speechiness: Balanced at 4% 🎤 Liveness: Captivating with a 12% rating 🎸 Instrumentalness: Rich with 76% instrumental elements Verifiable by Musictax.com Link to listen: https://spotify.link/VabwqeA9uDb Hit Song-1 (online-audio-converter.com).mp3
  5. It seems that in todays state Hip-Hop, everyone sounds like each other. I wanted to go in my own direction and bring my own style, with a variety of different topics to my new mix-tape titled Double Wide Dynasty. I am Tru from Morbid Media. Double Wide Dynasty Mix-Tape - Listen and Download Free Continue the Hustle Ft Distraction.wav Real Friends R Forever Ft Badhabbits.wav Seperate Paths.wav Does it Catch You Ft Obelisk.wav
  6. Check out the new track “Stunna Man” from Rising artist FloKid. The track goes too hard! You can hear it in his voice that he’s as authentic as they come, which makes his lyrics come to life and paint a visual story for anybody who listens to the track! All DJs this is my recommendation for this week‘s Top trending tracks for your Spotify playlist!
  7. Check out this classic mixtape by my bro Yung La. He hasn’t gone anywhere, and I’m a make sure of that.
  8. New Single ATL from Atlanta legend BabyD aka Dizzle off of his New MixTape ATLANTA LIVE produced BY BABY D & 706HITZ 02 Baby D - Atl.mp3
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