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  1. Girl.mp3
  2. Rekk-J


    cant stop -rekk-j & trap $elena .m4a
  3. Listen to Cin Cee Feelin Ight by Cin-Cee on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/PsQND
  4. John Wick is not just a song but it's also an anthem, not just an anthem but a global anthem. Everybody has a struggle in life doesn't matter who or where you from as long as you human there should be something that is always holding you back, this song gives you the motivation and reminds you what John Wick went through and if you watched all the movie sequel you would know it was a lot!. If you going through a difficult time right now what would you do if you were John Wick?, This is what the song is about.
  5. Mylik is the "OFFICIAL NEW WAVE"! That is all. Tap in! https://song.link/6chzzxnrd3pnz Mylik-New Wave (Mastered with Thunder at 63pct).mp3
  6. https://open.spotify.com/album/7bc9YeurG0YVn4cMjKuokv?si=g5lgqnRTROuujREpK9EINA&utm_source=copy-link&dl_branch=1 ❎❎Check this shit??? a single i just recently released!❎❎
  7. Shoreline Mafia Type Beat (prod. By Me) I am JMetro, I Produce Trap, Drill, Rnb type beats, and upload them on beatstars and on some of my socials. If you interested on buying one of my beats, check out my beatstars profile. I am also open to collab with other producers and rappers! Also I am looking for someone to make me a tag, preferably a girl... My social media: • Instagram: coming soon... • Twitter: @JMetro - https://twitter.com/TheRealJMetro • Soundcloud: @JMetro - https://soundcloud.com/JMetro030 • YouTube: coming soon... • Beatstars: @JMetro - https://beatstars.com/JMetro030 • TikTok: coming soon... If you wanna contact me, hit me with a dm on one of my socials. Thanks for Reading. NLE Mp3 JMetro (TAGGED).mp3
  8. www.djshinobi.com Dj Shinobi RISE UP set mastered July 14th, 2021.wav
  9. Loose - Max’el Ahgain
  10. Psmoke187


    Summer Breeze Done.mp3 momma told me originel.mp3 My Kids.mp3 No Place like home.mp3 Cool guy.mp3 FOREVER MINE.mp3 Cant Be Without You(2).mp3
  11. IG: @fnnreallo @ u.s.bankers_ent/ Follow @fnnreallo on Twitter! FNN Reallo - Loose Change (Dirty Version).mp3 FNN Reallo - Loose Change (Radio Version).mp3 Reallo Loose Change instrumental.mp3
  12. Polar365


    This is my Jam and I hope you like it and use it at the club! Tonight! POLARIZE.mp3
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