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Found 10 results

  1. Jaybin Nielsen from Wisconsin is a local artist making a big step into the music industry. With over 250,000k annual SoundCloud streams (20+ tracks), the artist is now streaming on all platforms. ‘Chips’, the music video, is expected to release late April 2021. Be sure to track this artist. For booking and management: contactjvybin@gmail.com
  2. 01_Green Street Chris Oaks ft. Guni_(master)_MP3.m4a
  3. Inspired by the delusion of lust. Different Speeds Final 1.wav
  4. Follow Me On IG @FreshTheme303 https://audiomack.com/freshtheme RyderBlood.wav
  5. Hi, make electro combined with reggae, country, soul, orchestral ... since 1999 Had a very succesful first electronica album "Dragon Force" in 2010 Made my last electronica album in 2020 the year I put out 6 albums/Singles through several distributors. Last in line is "Rat Race" and I am most proud of my only pure rock/pop album "Madley" Most of the covers are made by my daughter Julia (27) who is a photograher (the cover of Madley is a self-portrait!) actrice on stage fu.. Corona and a good cook, lol ! Have a working Online Radio officially opening in January 2021 And would love to present any songs you may want to give for the occasion, hoping to make real shows with talking, publicity, good news or bad news! Sorry to say nothing is completely free, have a concept worked out how to make possible that any artists which will work with me can have a maximum of money income. Have tp pay the radio and am crazy enough to help as many good songs be heard as I humanly can Check #MichaelHuberSound If you would like to use I-Tunes or Media Player I gladly send you the links https://api.live365.com/play/a28943.pls - I-Tunes https://api.live365.com/play/a28943.m3u -Windows Media Player Radio visual for USA-Canada-UK https://live365.com/station/Artists-You-Should-Know-a28943 Send correctly tagged mp3's + your Spotify link/ social links https://michaelhubersound.wetransfer.com/ meisterbrief@live.fr Hope you like my stuff, cheers Michael Victoria Is Mad.mp3 Rouge (Dance Remix).mp3 Surmandal.mp3 Square Guchin Tale.mp3 Madley.mp3 La Patinette.mp3 Fire Ballet (Uptempo Mix).mp3 Deadly Germs From Space.mp3 Dinosaur.mp3 Bretagne.mp3 B H 0 (Beata Love Eternal).mp3 Awakening.mp3 (These are) Real Hard Times.mp3 10 Out of Control.wav 09 Put The Needle On The Record.wav 08 Pump Da Brain.wav 07 Through My Brain.wav 06 Hellbound.wav 05 Electrical Madness.wav 03 Domina.wav 04 Hyper Savings.wav 02 Chaos As I See It.wav 01 Rat Race Original Hard Trance Mix.wav
  6. This is 3 of 4 new records that R-DOT just released on all music streaming platforms and he is looking for you all's help and feedback on which one should be the official single!!! DJs can contact directly for DJ Pack and drops!!! SquadHeavyMusic@gmail.com https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/rdot1/pull-up-push-up 01 Pull Up (master) 3.mp3 https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/rdot1/talm-bout 01 Talm Bout (master) 2.mp3 https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/rdot1/watch-what-you-say 01 Watch What You Say (master).mp3 01 Pull Up (master) 3.mp3 01 Talm Bout (master) 2.mp3 01 Watch What You Say (master).mp3
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