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Found 91 results

  1. INFN8

    INFN8 Boo

  2. DIY Orphans performing Tears For Fears'Head Over Heels tearsforfears
  3. DIY Orphans sing Friends of P by The Rentals friendsofp
  4. A cover of Raooul's Anna Joy song a 90s punk song annajoy
  5. nylanlast.mp3
  6. AleFer

    AleFer - La Chacra

    This is one of the songs i made after years and years showing to everyone in some events i've played From Uruguay to the world PD.: All my songs are in Spanish AleFer - La Chacra.wav
  7. FullSizeRender.mov
  8. FINALMIX4m4a.m4a
  9. gossip (hxghschool).mp3
  10. This song is "Long Time Coming" from our new 11 song release available on all platforms. The Darren Holland Project is a Kansas City Missouri Duo consisting of Darren and Cheryl Holland... All songs are written by Darren... Recorded at the DHP studios Grain Valley Missouri, and mixed and master by Andy Oxman, Sound Works Studios Blue Springs Missouri... Enjoy the listen and thank you for support indie bands Darren and Cheryl The DHP 01 Long Time Coming.mp3
  11. Karan Madhvi

    Anuv Jain

    Anuv jain an individual under-rated artist..
  12. MGTV

    MG & the TV

    03 Filo Built A Goth Robot master.mp3
  13. The Running Steady EP came together quickly after three songs just happened to find their way into our heads all at the same time. It is an EP which finds us in an unreleased road movie, driving with the soundtrack playing on the 8 track. Our influences have come from the late 60s, 70s rock, New Wave and 80s Post Punk. All that is good from that period will surface in our music at some point. Sometimes you might hear Bowie, The Clash and Burt Bacharach all in the same track, in another, The Byrds and Elvis Costello.
  14. Magenta Dusk - Give It Up (feat. Sevda B).mp3
  15. Created a song about my Ex Wife. MY #1 hater. First song to make me cry.The Lyrics are damning then sounds pretty. paw-v_10_never-gonna-break-me-2.mp3
  16. Lizdelise


    Pictured It.wav Boy II.wav Interlude.wav Tell Me.wav Twilight Sleep.wav
  17. JC & Jacquees pay homage to natural beauty with new single "No Filter"!!! Video & Smart Link: SMARTURL.IT/JCNOFILTER Follow JC: Instagram / Youtube / Facebook / Twitter WWW.ITSYABOYJC.COM
  18. Back to back is a freestyle of 3 songs Straight through in the very first take. Soundcloud Paw V you can find the entire one take back to back freestyle BackToBackMackfreestyle.mp3
  19. Paw V- 'Lets Get Away' scracth.m4a
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