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    On the path to becoming goddesses, the SeeaGoddesses were born and raised in different parts, but from the same source of creation. Searching their way through this life time blindly, until reconnecting and coming together consciously to finish off what they didn’t complete in their previous lives. When asked, the response was, this is our journey of self realization from self deception to self discovery. While experimenting through familiar and unfamiliar terrain, reaping the benefits, and enjoying the consequences of turning inward. They decided there was no other option and only one choice. And that was to exist un-compulsively. Their goal is nothing but liberation, which takes the destruction and rebuilding of everything one has accumulated inside themselves. They say the rhythm and lyrics of their music is one of the many consequences they’ve received from the source by heightening their perception and going beyond human nature. The SeeaGoddessesKriya sound is a vibe. The vibrations of their vocals being released into your ears and body bonds those spiritually & not spiritually connected. Hopefully you stay in union with them beyond action and illusion during their sadhana journey.
  • Interests
    Consciously Creating Content

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