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Found 21 results

  1. X-Lover; Traditional r&b Original music from the album- "Black to Basics" Youtube vid (audio)
  2. First Mixed & Mastered Song Of Mine Released, And It’s A Full On, Grade-A BANGER!!
  3. LIKE - COMMENT - SUBSCRIBE ?HELP A NEW PRODUCER HIT 100 SUBSCRIBERS? ? Attention!? Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maasai_ghod/ Email: rphazeakam@gmail.com Keakr: https://www.keakr.com/profile/maasai-g-h-o-d Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/maasai-sasuke Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/MAASAI_GHOD All free beats can only be used for non-profitable, non-commercial projects and nothing besides that. I must also be credited in the title and description (prod. G.H.O.D - GO HARD OR DIE PRODUCTIONS). By offering free beats, you’ve been given the opportunity to 'Try-Before-You-Buy.' Use these to write, record and experiment with your music. You are allowed to post the final result on your social channels or sites like YouTube or Soundcloud to see if your song is worth investing in a license. The Free versions are ‘tagged’ with a voice tag for security reasons.
  4. Hi everyone this is the first single if my futur 6th album ... I record it specially with Last Atlantis beatmaker for you, cause Atl like Marseille where I was born IS hot place for rap an hip hop culture too Hope you'll liké it and share it Follow me on Instagram/Soundcloud/ReverbNation/jamendo/youtube/twitter/keakr... I ll offer you for free m'y 5 last solos albums for free listening and free downloading Add me/ follow me @Tresh mc officiel and just dm me: with thé words: "greenhitz gift" #Enjoy Thanks for your love and support #Peace Tresh Mc TRESH - WELCOME TO ATL djembe
  5. @stiff c @reallifemusicllc @nextleveldjcoalition The Itchy Scratchy Show is Actually more dope and More Alive than the show itself With lyrics like "I poke your girl like a cactus, I hope the Lord Provalact us" and "I be actin weird cuz I don't know how not to shoot ya" to the constant back and forth ride where hes chasin down the opps You Don't Want To Miss This !!!!!! #reallifemusicllc #nextleveldjcoalition #stiffc #theitchyandscratchyshow https://beatroot.ffm.to/itchyscratchy Retsamria - Itchy Scratchy.mp3
  6. The Lady Of Rage inspired "NITTY GRITTY" featuring voice and lyrics by Harlem, NYC bred Hip Hop phenom EMMA LEE M.C. with music by UK Hip Hop icon DJ Mark Ski has been burning up the underground. Off the critically acclaimed "Catch-REC" LP as played by DJ Eclipse & DJ Premier on their Sirius XM shows, featuring Blame One, Booda French, Devin Malek, El Gant, Emma Lee, G. Huff, H3RO, J57, JSWISS, MCRE, Tenacity & Think 2wice. AVAILABLE NOW on LTD VINYL and ALL DIGITAL MUSIC PLATFORMS via FiveSe7en Collective / Fat Beats / Soulspazm. DJ Mark Ski: Turntablist, Producer, Radio Host (funkbyfunk.com) Mark Ski - Catch-REC - NITTY GRITTY (ft. EMMA LEE M.C.) - CLEAN (1).mp3
  7. Contact: reyrok@gmail.com Come & Get Me CD Baby Master.mp3
  8. pre-save the song !! will be available on streaming platforms on march 26th!! Miles.mp3
  9. https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/viali1/vi-ali-look-at-that?fbclid=IwAR00KvluEslF4scz2DBbBAwm4U3tdeiakv0cjerL_ukuHKO-vDuMoAey9CE Pre order NOW -VI ALI- LANDR-VI ALI - Look at That-Balanced-Medium.mp3
  10. Regi Angelou is a Far Rockaway, Queens, New York recording artist. She has her masters degree but as real as they come. Her music is focused on amplifying the voice of the people against injustices that occurs throughout America. The video for this single is currently in post-production. Any feedback is welcomed. We, The People - clean.mp3 We, The People .wav We, The People - show mix.mp3
  11. lost in translation.mp3 Jenkin mix 1.0.mp3
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