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  1. Out now on all Platforms New music Video dropping this week!b ?_?HATTRICKS (prod. Addey x Kaiokaine).mp3
  2. Stream or Buy Social Media 2021 (C) Royal Str8 Funk Production. Catalog # RSFP0000012 Trip Hop De La RaggareT Dot O
  3. Wish You Were Here 2.mp3
  4. Hi ! H. K. Studio Home Maker Music Sounds , composer. percussion soundtrack playlist , Chill music soundtrack, Blue's Soundtrack guitar, Pino solo Cover album, Cover album Backgrounds #Beats , #Dopey Bass , Drums Mixer with harmony Plugs. and Live Streams of yourself at @spotify.com HKHOMESTUDIO
  5. Follow the signal all the way to the deep space club. 134 BPM sci-fi instrumental electro. Remixed and produced by Later Humans. Mastered by Eric Oehler at Submersible Studios. Sleeve design by Eric Trautmann at Fedora Monkey Studios. Find Later Humans: www.laterhumans.bandcamp.com www.twitter.com/later_humans The Beacon (Transmatter Mix).wav
  6. Original piece with Kadialy Kouyate joining Circle with his Kora. here it is on spotify
  7. Polymath - polymath - 01 Goin' Down The Road.mp3
  9. https://michaelmasley.bandcamp.com/album/cymbalom-solos
  10. youtube video with album notes artist website Rich Pellegrin : Hymn (radio edit).mp3
  11. What up! I go by Naj Ahead (pronounced "nod ya head") and I'm a sample-based Soulful Boom Bap beatmaker/remixer from Los Angeles. For my first post on GreenHitz, I'd like to share an instrumental with you that I created in the spirit of the Fall season. "Sweet Autumn Day" is a feel-good head nodder that reminds you of the magic of Autumn! Please feel free to download the free mp3. For the .WAV file, the track is available for purchase at najahead.bandcamp.com/track/sweet-autumn-day. Check out my visual for this track on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frzDuzmEhnw. If you're feeling this track, I have over 20 projects on my Bandcamp site with similar vibes ranging from beat tapes to remix projects, EPs, etc. Thank you in advance for listening, and have a "Sweet Autumn Day"! Follow me on social media and other sites: Twitter: @naj_ahead IG:@najahead FB: facebook.com/najahead1 Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/najahead Audius: audius.co/naj_ahead Much love! -Naj Ahead Sweet Autumn Day.mp3
  12. Music inspired by critical role campaign 3 Arabian Tales (1).wav
  13. here's a nostalgic lofi track i made called 'reflective nights' ✨? - perfect for a chill night
  14. Bernat - Strangers.wav
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