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    anime, martial arts and weight training
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    I've been a professional licensed radio, club & mobile d j for decades. Was also a licensed booking agent/promoter for 10 years. Still practice scratch, beat juggle & transform routines on my Technics 1200's. On the DIGITAL side, I have used Traktor( my app of choice), Serato, Torq & Mixvibes. For my D.A.W. I run Magix Sequoia, Sonar Platinum with Ableton Live Suite and FL Studio. College - audio engineer & computer programming. Company - Swan Sound productions. ( ** used to be Good Ear Music ** ) Had a short stint on REGULAR radio and currently GUEST dj on internet radio !
    Joined this site MAINLY to provide REAL " radio " edits that DJ's can play on NON internet radio { or anywhere else should they choose to do so } !

    PEACE !
  • Interests
    weight training, martial arts & anime

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