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    Singing, rapping, dancing, modeling, traveling, partying, spending time with family and friends
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    Kayla Norfleet is on the rise and on track to being the newest and brightest female artist for the year 2022. This year she is showcasing her musical talents outside of her modeling and acting professions. What she has known, deep down inside is that music has always been a passion of hers. Kayla brings a complete package of intelligence, beauty, talent and tenacity to the music scene. Behind the beauty is a diverse and talented rapper, songwriter, singer and dancer. This versatility allows her to attract an audience in any genre. Working with multi-platinum producers has given her a jump start in her ability to create catchy melodic songs that fit every style from country, pop to alternative music with strong influences of R&B and Hip Hop.

    Born Kayla Janay Norfleet in Augusta, Georgia, the home of James Brown. She was raised in the Virginia Beach area and always idolized the likes of Missy Elliot, the Neptune’s and Timbaland which can be heard in some of her writing styles and musical releases. She's the youngest of 4 children and she comes from an amazing and uniquely gifted family. Her sister, Tia Norfleet, is the first African American woman to hold a NASCAR driver's license. Kayla understands patience and perseverance due to growing up singing in her church choir. Her journey so far is a highlight and proof of her dedication to succeed in this business. Kayla has always been inspired by music. Gladys Knight is a family friend and mentor to Kayla and has been someone to give her inspiration to gain a love and appreciation of music.

    Although Kayla loved music, it wasn’t until she started performing at local Karaoke events that she discovered her true calling. "I've always enjoyed performing in front of people because of the adrenaline rush and competition." She is no stranger to the public eye and a natural at being in the spotlight. In addition to a successful modeling career, she was a cheerleader while attending HBCU Elizabeth City State University. It was there that she earned a Bachelor's degree in Accounting.

    She is the first in her family to also earn a college degree. According to Kayla, "I felt like it was very important for me to earn my college degree to start a new tradition for my family." "Accounting was my major choice due to the fact that I was good with numbers and I wanted to be able to count my money!" She understands the importance of a college education and she hopes to be an inspiration to all young girls who come behind her. Having this college degree has prepared her to handle business while perfecting her craft.

    Kayla's 1st Single "Gahh Damn" is set to be released on Jan 1, 2022 and is bound to be a Club Anthem. Her "untitled" album is scheduled to drop by the spring this year with a collection of up-tempo and slow songs to cater to her dynamic fanbase. She hopes to teach, heal and inspire her fans with her music as she embodies and exemplifies some of the stars that she has so adamantly admired in her life such Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Janice Joplin, Missy Elliott, Beyoncé, Saweetie, Summer Walker, Nikki Minaj and Jhene Aiko. Kayla has so much to offer and share with the world and is looking forward to some exciting partnerships and business ventures, including launching her beauty and skincare line in the near future.
  • Interests
    Singing, rapping, dancing, modeling, traveling, partying

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