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    London ,UK
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    Music Music and more Music, Theatre, Cinema, Walking with my dog, Read any sci-Fi big Dr Who and Star Trek fan, Clubs, Bars, nightlife,
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    Born in N Greece by British Mother and Greek father, I am not a bastard in everyday life though.:)) Follow the Punk scene and later the Electro Pop, and new Romantics and then I realise this is what i wanted to do to write music put a smile on someone's face and above all make people Dance.
    London early 90's the clubs start to open in every corner in the city I love the gay clubs this is where everything happens, the music the people and I love them and play in some well known venues but I decided that I like more to produce music than play it. Don't get me wrong I love DJ but i get more creative when i write the music I love and that is techno, Raw techno, Electro Progressive House.
    Today I still play when ever i ask to play and as I love travelling I do not care if I play in one country after the other I love been surrounded by friendly faces and the nightlife is my Oxygene, you will find me in every underground techno club and berlin is my number one these days. If you see me out and about say HI cause i love meeting new faces, let's do a set together :)))) joking!!!
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    DJ Music Production, Nightlife

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  2. Let the Music play and leave your troubles away I always say give love a chance as much as you can and smile it's free cost nothing and they will smile back at you how nice this is if you pass the day with smiles and nights with friends.

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