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Found 392 results

  1. MOVEMENT @JBO_YBZ NeW MuziK from JBo of the YoungBloodz "KILL 'EM" https://soundcloud.com/herringbonejones/killem For BooKinGS/FEatuRES/DJ DropS DM Jbo of (Youngbloodz) @jBO_yBZ
  2. Check out J. Skyy's latest single One Day. Produced by platinum producer Zaytoven. Listen and download here! https://soundcloud.com/officialjskyy/one-day-produced-by-zaytoven
  3. Check out J. Skyy's single Dreams off his latest mixtape release Meanwhile. Listen and download here! https://soundcloud.com/officialjskyy/dreams
  4. Pharaoh The Come Up LISTEN/DOWNLOAD HERE Follow @1DJASAP, @ASAPMoneyGang & @BeatzAndBlunts Get mixtape distribution at @Raphenom. Tracklist 01. Pharaoh - The Come Up (Feat. Young Beast & Lil Blake) 02. Pharaoh - Sipping & Smoking 03. Pharaoh - Tripping (Feat. Lil Blake) 04. Pharaoh - Let Em Know (Feat. Lil Teezy) 05. Pharaoh - Dead Presidents 06. Pharaoh - My Bros (Feat. Lil Blake) 07. Pharaoh - Early In The Morning 08. Pharaoh - Hustle 09. Pharaoh - Fall Inlove (Feat. Yung Lafay) 10. Pharaoh - Letter To Whoever (Feat. Lil Blake) 11. Pharaoh - Rider 12. Pharaoh - Life (Feat. Yung Lafay)
  5. clean edit by dj Stedybeets: http://www1.zippyshare.com/v/82219137/file.html Peace !
  6. clean edit by d j Stedybeets : http://www60.zippyshare.com/v/95691139/file.html Peace !
  7. clean edit & slight remix by d j Stedybeets: http://www43.zippyshare.com/v/28012547/file.html Enjoy
  8. Smiles Official The American Trap DOWNLOAD HERE Miami meets New York bringing you street certified music, LIQUID SHIELD style. Smiles Official is not wasting any time dropping his hottest mixtape yet, THE AMERICAN TRAP hosted by the world famous DJ NASTY of the Core DJs Worldwide, 99Jamz (WEDR-FM, Miami) and Strongarm I.M.G. After the success of his latest EP, PANTY DROPPING MUSIC 4, Official is ready to lay it all down for the streets bringing you his best work yet. Rising Miami based production company Liquid Shield Entertainment is ready to present the hottest mixtape of 2014. The American Trap will be a top playlist on all smart phones and tablets. Get more exclusive info on Smiles Official at www.liquidshield.com. Executive Producers Nick “Fury HD” Lewis and Travis “TEN” Wright. Co-Excutive production by Smiles Official and DJ Nasty of the Official Core DJs & 99 Jamz (WEDR-FM). © 2014 Liquid Shield Inc. All Rights reserved. twitter / instagram/ Facebook - SmilesOfficial Track List 01. Intro (Prod. TravisTEN) 02. Double Up (Prod. TracKings LLC)Get It Off (Prod. Treallion) 03. Count Bands (Ft. Mad Winnin Prod. TravisTEN) 04. Face The Light (Prod. Static Beatz) 05. Woah (Tweakin') (Ft. ADI Prod. TheTrackAddictz) 06. She Knows (Ft. Problem Child) 07. Two Phones (Prod. TravisTEN) 08. Long Summer Skit 09. Robbin' & Stealin' (Ft. Spoonie Gee) Prod. FuryHD & TravisTen 10. SNAP (Prod. Mayhem & AntiSerum) 11. You & Me (Prod. Flume) 12. Turn Up (Ft. KEFN) 13. No Days Off (Ft. Robby Goode) Prod. TravisTEN 14. DJ Nasty Interlude 15. OG Bobby Johnson Ghost & Smiles Official 16. Boston George (Prod. Static Beatz) 17. Feelings 18. Bonus Track - Why You Hatin (Ft. Woo Prod. B.A.M)
  9. Kash Younger Mixtape Murder DOWNLOAD HERE Private Party's own is back again with a new mini tape for the fans of real music. twitter.com/kashyounger facebook.com/kashyounger instagram.com/ppgkash100 soundcloud.com/kashyounger
  10. Pain City Libra Scale LISTEN/DOWNLOAD HERE Follow @ASAPMoneyGang & @Pain_City478! Get mixtape distribution at @Raphenom. Tracklist 01. Pain City - Libra Scale [Prod. By Big Kelv Beatz] 02. Pain City - Don't Love These Hoes [Prod. By Weatherman Beatz] 03. Pain City - Real Life Pt. 2 [Prod. By Big Kelv Beatz] 04. Pain City - Love Lost [Prod. By Big Kelv Beatz] 05. Pain City - Realer (Feat. Slick P) [Prod. By Tez Heated] 06. Pain City - She Know How To Do It Prod.By Tez Heated 07. Pain City - 80s & 90s Baby (Feat. Whoot) [Prod. By Dre Beatz] 08. Pain City - Sharkeisha [Prod. By Instrumental Central] 09. Pain City - Turn Up (Feat. Jazzy T & TempFade) [Prod. By Flip Dreams] 10. Pain City - FWM [Prod. By Big Kelv Beatz & Tez Heated] 11. Pain City - I'm The Truth (Feat. Velvet Breeze) [Prod. By Flip Dreams] 12. Pain City - Dough Boy [Prod. By CuzzoMadeThisBeat] 13. Pain City - Forever (Feat. Ya Boy Tart) [Prod. By Flip Dreams] 14. Pain City - What The Plan Is [Prod. By DJ Smiff]
  11. https://soundcloud.com/dj-nothin-nice-ii/tj-boyce-cuz-i-ball-dj-nn-remix-dirty
  12. Breadlagafell Return Of Gangsta Rap vol 1 DOWNLOAD HERE A Musical Masscare Of Epic Instrumentals Breadman/facebook.com officalbrdman/Twitter www.breadlagafell.com Track List 01 - Intro 02 - Shooters 03 - PriceNthefee 04 - IdoitfeatSlickPulla 05 - HoodRich 06 - ItsSummer 07 - ConversationWithMySelf 08 - LagaMontana 09 - HellOnEarth 10 - ChyRaqCover 11 - R.o.G.r 12 - GoIn 13 - GTA6 14 - phonetapcover 15 - fucktheseniggaz 16 - seentheworld 17 - SmokeOne 18 - FlyMusic 19 - HowCanICompalin
  13. Matt G IMAGIPASHUN LISTEN/DOWNLOAD HERE New 10 track album of all original material form Austin, Tx multi-genre Independent recording artist Matt G. Production from The Awesome Sound, Nobody Famous, and Burnell Washburn. A Unique crossover blend of good independent hip-hop music. http://Mattgmuzik.com http://Twitter.com/mgmuzik http://Facebook.com/mattgmuzik Track List 1. Every Dream 2. Sing Too (Feat. HollyDay) 3. Countdown 4. Run Away 5. The Show 6. Perched 7. That Sound (Feat. Stewart Mann) 8. Real Life 9. Higher Ground (Feat. Brian Scartocci) 10. Why I do
  15. https://soundcloud.com/catastrophici_am/fashionsingle
  16. https://soundcloud.com/catastrophici_am/fashionsingle
  17. https://soundcloud.com/catastrophici_am
  18. T-Row Mind Of A Hustla LISTEN/DOWNLOAD HERE Follow @ASAPMoneyGang, @DJSuspence & @TristianHTXRowe Get mixtape distribution at @Raphenom. Tracklist 01. T-Row - Mi Amigos [Prod. By MontanaBeatz] 02. T-Row - Bxtch (Feat. InkMonstarr) [Prod. By GummyBeatz] 03. T-Row - Adios [Prod. By DeezyBeatz] 04. T-Row - Turnin' Up (Feat. InkMonstarr) [Prod. By GummyBeatz] 05. T-Row - Paper Cuts [Prod. By iDBeatz] 06. T-Row - Reasons [Prod. By DaVinciMadeIt]
  19. YungSwaggHB OVERDOSE LISTEN/DOWNLOAD HERE Overdose is @YungSwaggs 4th solo mixtape @YungSwaggHB is one third of the group HBz and formally one third of the group D- piece. Comin out of New Orleans LA. @YungSwaggHB has much more music on the way stay tuned and check the official website for updates and follow him on twitter www.HBzEntertainment.com and www.Twitter.com/YungSwaggHB www.HBzEntertainment.com www.Twitter.com/YungSwaggHB www.Twitter.com/YungSwaggYS www.instagram.com/YungSwaggHB www.Twitter.com/HBzEnt www.Instagram.com/HBzEntertainment Get mixtape distribution at @Raphenom. Tracklist 01 - Overdose Intro..detour 02 - Whats That Shit You Talkin 03 - Nobody's Safe 04 - Runnin On Time 05 - Niggas Hatin 06 - Nightmare 07 - Stand By 08 - Hands Out My Pocket 09 - Will You Love Me Tomrrow 10 - She The Shit 11 - Smoke Break 12 - Every Time I Leave 13 - I Know How To Make It Work 14 - Horror Movie 15 - Definition Of Swagg 16 - Getting Money 17 - Same ol thing
  20. New Music From West Side Chicago Native - J.Green (Feat.Anri) Prod. Dopeboi J.Green's Project "West Side Story" (Hosted By Dj Mile High & Stack Or Starve) Slated for late summer release! Follow @J_Green773 https://soundcloud.com/stackorstarvemixtapes/jgreen-gangster-and-a-gentleman-featanriproddopeboi
  21. Duo Numero Uno DOWNLOAD HERE Numero Uno is a hot New Mixtape by Duo (Mercy Mandanna & Krazy-D) From the Record Label SCMG (Street Certified Music Group) https://soundcloud.com/duouno-1/sets/numero-uno https://twitter.com/DuoUno1
  22. "CLEANER" edit & slight remix by d j Stedybeets... added INTRO & OUTRO for you MIXX d j's.. http://www17.zippyshare.com/v/83521749/file.html ENJOY !
  23. Reckless Rocc Count Up LISTEN/DOWNLOAD HERE Reckless Rocc releases a brand new, self-produced single off his upcoming mixtape "OG INFM$". twitter: @recklessrocc_ Get Single Distribution at @Raphenom.
  24. Black Tha Don Rookie OF The Year DOWNLOAD HERE New Mixtape From The Mayor Of Harvey World - Black Tha Don Hosted By Dough From Da Go & Dj Amaris! "Expensive Conversations Pt.2" Coming Soon! Follow @RealBlackThaDon On Twitter & BlackThaDon On IG
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