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  1. In the wake of the uprisings stemming from the police killings of Black men and women, Regi Angelou's We, the People illustrates the sentiment of rage and frustration coming from the American people. Artist: Regi Angelou Song: We, The People Spotify: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/regiangelou Twitter: Website: https://www.regiangelou.comWe, The People - Vox.wav 01 We, The People.mp3 01 We, The People - clean.mp3 We, The People - show mix.mp3
  2. Regi Angelou is a Far Rockaway, Queens, New York recording artist. She has her masters degree but as real as they come. Her music is focused on amplifying the voice of the people against injustices that occurs throughout America. The video for this single is currently in post-production. Any feedback is welcomed. We, The People - clean.mp3 We, The People .wav We, The People - show mix.mp3
  3. Thanks a lot regarding the Kash Juliano record. When you play it let me know if you can so I can repost it to his social media!

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