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    Atlanta, GA
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    Spending time with family and friends and creating music ?
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    The Georgia-bred singer-songwriter has the looks and the vocals to become the next big thing in R&B. She have captivated people with her vivacious style of music by producing inspiring melodies that touches the lives of so many. Having already released the hit singles "Miss My Baby" (2014) and "Last Time" (2016), she is definitely no stranger to the music industry. Andrea Nicole penned a heart-felt EP titled "Straight From the Heart" in 2017. Prior to going solo, the talented songbird became a part of a traveling gospel choir sharing the stage with several gospel legends in the industry such as Dorinda Clark-Cole, Vickie Winans, Donald Lawrence and Hezekiah Walker just to name a few. She has performed on prominent platforms such as the Bobby Jones Gospel Show, the Gospel Superfest and the historical Apollo Theater. She has also worked with the very talented "Sex You" singer Bando Jonez. The Georgia songstress spontaneously released the single "Should've" January 2022 followed by the EP and single titled "Everything". She felt her fans had waited long enough to hear from her. Andrea Nicole's most recent single "In My Bed" was released on her birthday, October 22, 2022. She has gotten an overwhelming response from her fans. The single is available on all music streaming platforms.
  • Interests
    Spending time with family and friends and creating music ?

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  1. Hey fam check out my new single "In My Bed" I'd really appreciate your feedback. Thanks
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