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    Mark has 10 years of Entertainment diversified experience as President of Jaguar Entertainment, Executive Vice President of Gorilla Records and MoneyBag Boyz. Industry experience includes hosting events, managing, marketing and promoting artists.
    Mark Has marketed over 30 artists throughout his career and has worked directly with the following artists: 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Jaime Foxx, Akon, Common, Lloyd, Pitbull, Trick Daddy, Paul Wall, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Musiq Soul Child, and Jasmine Sullivan.

    Specialties: Business Planning Processes,Globalization,Risk Management
    Large Multi-National Businesses,Corporate Image/Branding,
    Strategic Alliance Building,Media Planning,Profit & Loss Management,Market Analysis & Trends,Contract Negotiations,
    hosting events, managing, marketing and promoting artists
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    Everything and all this music and love

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  1. @DJ E-MONSTA good looking, lets get a interview on your show new article in the source!! https://thesource.com/2023/02/01/the-greatest-promoter-on-earth/?fbclid=IwAR0SlvBUsiX_SGRcIvVoTZ7ionuk3sdcr1kkbp494CegwwMO4y1CIhBNsNA vents magazine -Sexuation https://ventsmagazine.com/2023/01/10/new-hit-single-sexuation-ft-mr-cheeks-of-the-lost-boyz/ yard hype article - https://yardhype.com/luckie-mazi-mr-cheeks-and-stevey-fresh-present-a-thug-loving-song-titled-sexuation/
  2. @stedybeets yes the clean version is the radio version its attached to the posting @masspooldjs thank you, lets link and work @dj murdock thanks let me know ow the crowd responds, appreciate you
  3. Hip hop legend Mr.Cheeks of "Lost Boyz" links up with Luckie Mazi and Stevey Fresh to produce a reggae/hip-hop smash Hit Record “Sexuation” What is Sexuation? What does it mean? According to producer/artist Stevey Fresh, Sexuation is The desire to surpass love in any given relationship between two persons as a passionate result of satisfactory guarantees at any given time and place. The new single sexuation has a Caribbean rhythm blending in with a hip/hop sound that created a audio masterpiece for the listening public. With today’s music being as raunchy as ever, Sexuation provides a classy and respectful serene vibe for the listeners. A Caribbean sound guaranteed to put any listener in the mood for sexuation. Stevey fresh straight out of Belize city, son of a musician. Stevey came to America in 1999. As words were put to his platform from the streets of Belize to the streets of America, rap dancehall music was introduced. "As to my audience I would to take you through a journey as I make you dance and understand my cultural music as dancehall and hip hop and rap. I been doing music for some time now did songs and stage performances with great people such as Skinny Gilly — Z Lala — lion — talent- Mantana — and the list goes on . My main focus is to connect with listeners world wide as I manifest my craft.. Music is life and will take you back to that place as you vibe". Stevey Fresh will continue working on great music great vibes and make you dance to the cultural sound . Every musician has a story to tell I will let you hear mine. https://www.instagram.com/stevey_fresssh/ Mr. Cheeks, is an American rapper best known for his work with the musical group Lost Boyz, and as a solo artist with the hit single “Lights, Camera, Action!”. https://www.instagram.com/mrcheekstv/ Luckie Mazi — Creative genius and marketing expert also known as @thegreatestpromoteronearth business man turned artist. Luckie Mazi is best known for production and marketing and promotion. Born and raised in Chicago,Illinois. In 2011 moved to Las Vegas,NV in order to pursue his entrepreneurial career in the entertainment industry. (@luckiemazi) Guest Appearances by : The Youth https://www.instagram.com/_dayouth/ Dj Mizz V: https://www.instagram.com/djmizzv/ Sexuation - Mr.Cheeks- Stevie Fresh - Luckie Mazi .mp3 Sexuation - CLEAN.mp3
  4. @Kayla112 thank you so much appreciate you @Normal213 yes, amazing energy, thank you @Eminem thank you, good to know you can bounce to it @Ernst thank you, really appreciate the feedback
  5. @anointednapointed thank you @Leslie appreciate the compliment @marmar313 i like catchy!!! ? catchy is great. thank you
  6. @Brad420 thanks for your feedback, we are very proud of the beat hence the single but your feedback is appreciated,thank you
  7. @BLAQASZ Kurupt killed it!! he such a great artist @Drgreenhand its all english @Brandi Traylor thank you, love that you love it.
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