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  1. Oh yeah!!!!! We droppin a double baby Why ? Cos when you celebrate the greats its just GOT to be done the old school way block party feel good way ! Be sure to keep it locked and ready for ; Hip Hop Hall of Fame ( The Tracksuit,Phat Laces & Cazal 607 RMX Produced by the one and only Fredro Release date October 18th 2021
  2. HIP HOP HALL OF FAME Finally!!! So proud to present “Hip hop hall of fame” to the world . Dedicated to all the greats who pioneered a movement that became a culture and a way of life . Produced By the one and only So Flawless . Celebrate the greats ?????? Release date: October 9th 2021 on all platforms
  3. OK Ok ..So If you like me still love the physical connection that only vinyl can provide then you are going to love this. “ The art of making music for the people” Is going Vinyl !! Limited to 100 exclusive copies only . But we need your support to help turn this incredible adventure into a beautiful reality. So, If your up for it ( and I truly hope you are ) then just hit the link below and pre order your copy now. If its not your thang then that’s cool too … but man it would be soo awesome if it is ..and you do.. oh you know what I mean .. ? http:// https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/243548/herbie-the-art-of-making-music-for-the-peopleu
  4. By popular demand. From my new album "The art of making music for the people" Here it is .. The Nostalgic trip of all trips "LOWRIDERS" Album is now available on all platforms and streaming services worldwide. Not for the charts .. just pure vibes that come from straight from the heart Lord knows the world could use a little love and nostalgia right about now Mad Love to all ?????? 06 LOWRIDERS.wav
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