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  1. I got this in the mix ... always reppin that south mann )) chea ....
  2. Heavy hitter here ... coming down man )) like it ... beat working .. it's in the mix ... WHAT !!! )))))
  3. Got a good one here with the west coast flava feel to it.. good beat and artist... it's in the mix .... CHEA !!! )))
  4. Like the ole school prince gap band feel to this one... definitely dance floor track... it's in the mix ... going UP ))
  5. Nice vibe and flow on this one ... tight !! It's in the mix too ))
  6. Major play on this track ... hot one here and it's in rotation ... mixed UP !! WHAT !!! )))))
  7. Nice one for the ladies and mellow and chill vibe too. Good composition and beat with hot chic on it..It's in the mix .. Bet !! ))
  8. Good jam here and I needed it... got it mixed ... bet
  9. Hot one here and definitely for the dance floor ... bet
  10. Good work here and it's good see Cam back on the tracks too. Much success my man and thanks! BET ))
  11. Hot summer 2020 track here and it's booming too. I got it in rotation. Thanks
  12. Like this one here and it's got a street but west coast bounce to it. I got it rotation too... chea ))
  13. Good track here and the flow and vibe is good ... I can work with it and it's mixed up too! 100 ))
  14. Nice song here and very relaxing and mellow. Got it in the mix for the ladies .... 100 ))
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