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  1. This one getting play on the air waves and satellites ... good one ...nice track and its in the mix
  2. Swizz Beatz Ft. Rick Ross & DMX - Just In Case @THEREALSWIZZZ

    DMX going off on this one ... lyrics on point, like the production and composition...east coast feel
  3. O.T. Genasis Ft. Young Thug - When I Get It @otgenasis

    Good one here...good feel to it .... beat good ...got it mixed up
  4. Troy Ave - Money Ova Here @TroyAve

    Got a flow to it that's NYC .... upbeat track with some keys on it... in the mix
  5. Jhene Aiko - Triggered @JheneAiko

    Like it )) in the mix .... got that chill good vibe flow with the ride or die feel to it ... thanks ))
  6. Good one here on the rap and R/B tip... I can work with it and something for the ladies as well. Thanks )) WHAT !!! ))))))))))))))))))
  7. K-Styles - Slow Down

    Got some west coast feel to it as you stroll the block ... I can put it in the mix ... BET !!
  8. T-Pain Ft. G-Eazy - Girlfriend @TPAIN

    T-Pain always have good beats and production. I have this song in the mix already.... Thank You ))
  9. I can put it in the mix and see what it do...
  10. Yella Beezy Ft. Chris Brown - Restroom Occupied @YellaBeezy214

    Good cut ... good groove and R/B feel to it and artist on it working it... it's in the mix ... thanks
  11. Big Sean Ft. A$AP Ferg & Hit-Boy - Bezerk @BigSean

    Fast upbeat track... dance floor ass shaking too... good one .. .thanks !! Chea ...
  12. Always deep beats and grooves with Kanye West... I got it mixed up on the SocialPath Mode )) WHAT !!!! )))))
  13. Nice track and not bad... I can work with it in the mix... Good to see the guys back together doing work as a team... Need more of it as that's what was the Greatest !! Manny Fresh too and Turk and B.G. Thanks ))
  14. YBN Nahmir Ft. City Girls & Tyga - Fuck It Up @YBNNahmir

    Oh my )) I forgot I was listening to a song for a sec..that verse by Miss Lady ...Fire )) yeah yeah ... it's in the mix !! WHAT !!!!! ))) CHEA )))