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  1. Good one here with a lot of spins. Thanks.
  2. Track is going hard and good summer vibe for the dance floor. I got it in the mix. Bet
  3. Good track here with a lot of flow. Got it mixed up. Bet
  4. Hot one here good beat and upbeat flow to it. I got it working in the mix. Bet
  5. Hot track and lots of spins on this one .... I got it in the mix. Bet !!
  6. Track is flowing with a good vibe and beat. I can work with it in the mix. Bet
  7. Tight track for the mix and club. I can work with it and it's in the mix! Thanks ))
  8. Very nice track and artists on it lyrically. I like the smooth flow but hip hop feel. Keep up the good work! It's in the mix ))) BET ))
  9. Like it all ... its in the mix for sure! Thanks Bro )) WHAT !!! )))
  10. Track goes hard with a good beat and flow. Lyrics ride on top good. It's in the mix! WHAT !!!!!!!!! ) ) ) )
  11. Nice track. Got a good upbeat vibe to it. Composition good and the Miss singing is good. I got it mixed up! Thanks.
  12. Track has a good bounce to it and smooth flow. I got it in the mix! Thanks.
  13. Track is tight and got a good flow and vibe to it. Got it in the mix! Thanks.
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