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  1. A-V - Greatest @GOTLUCKIE_COM

    Track nice .... got it in the mix for sure !! Good vibe and flow to it....
  2. Nipsey Hussle Ft. Kendrick Lamar - Dedication

    RIP .... Got the two CD's he release to show some support too!! Thank You !! ))))
  3. Mac Slug Ft. Roc Phizzle - We Still Funkdafied @macslug

    Got it in the mix and good response with the dance floor filling up.
  4. MainoDaPlug - Drip Today @mainodaplug

    Track is tight and got a good feel and vibe to it...beat good and composition is good...thanks
  5. DJ Neptune & Davido - Demo @deejayneptune

    Good smooth chill but up beat track with something different on it .. put it in the mix and see what it do ...
  6. Iggy Azalea - Sally Walker @IGGYAZALEA

    Ok, this one is not bad ... got that bad chick feel to it... put it in the mix and see what the work do .... Thanks !!
  7. 2 Chainz Ft. Ariana Grande - Rule The World @2chainz

    Nice smooth flowing track and good composition with singing and lyrics on top of the track...it's in the mix... WHAT!!!!! ))))))))))
  8. RJ Ft. Joe Moses & DJ Mustard - Stop It @RJmrLA

    West coast flava on this track and it's bumpin..good flow and bounce to it...lyrics good and it's in the mix ... Thanks!!
  9. DAVOxFVIII - Water Bottle

    Track rollin and got some energy to it ...I can work with it in the mix....thanks
  10. Icewear Vezzo Ft. Big Sean - Balance @icewear_vezzo

    Nice one here....heavy bassline track and good composition too...it's in the mix with good lyrics too WHAT !!! )))))
  11. GSimone - Queen From The Ghetto @iamgsimone

    Good inspiration track and definitely for the ladies...it's in the mix with a good up tempo beat and flow...Thanks!!
  12. Mook - Big Bank @Mooktbg

    Track nice, good beat and vibe and flow to it...it's in the mix!! Thanks ))
  13. Venus - Throw It Back @VenusDaArtist

    Nice one for the strippers and dancers and ladies a like .... it's in the summer mix !! WHAT !!! )))) CHEA )))))))
  14. Tyga Ft. G-Eazy & Rich The Kid - Girls Have Fun @Tyga

    Good party cut for the summer 2019 ... it's in the mix ... Thanks !! WHAT !!!! ))))
  15. Anonamous - I Got A Bag @Anonamouslife

    I can work with this track ... good feel and street vibe to it ... it's in the mix ... chea ))