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    Established in 1992 Reggae and Dancehall label with strong influence in Chicago Hip Hop since. Years of Reggae charting, Itunes, Amazon, and Billboard Charting
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    Record Label
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    Keeping Reggae and Afro Beat Music alive

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  1. Artist: Teeardropz x Takeova Song: Fast Food AUDIO-2021-04-15-23-25-20.mp3
  2. Artists: Takeova x Teeardropz Song: They Don't Know AUDIO-2021-04-15-23-36-50.mp3
  3. Artist: Teeardropz Song: Wake Up List Album: Various Album/ Satta Massagana Rebirth TeearDropz - Wake Up List .mp3
  4. Artist: Teeardropz x Cheri Janae Song: Perfidia Love Perfidia Love Instrumental.mp3 Cheri Janae X Teeardropz - Perfidia Love.mp3
  5. Teeardropz- Dancing Mood Teeardropz_Dancing_Mood_2.mp3
  6. Artist: Teeardropz Song: Nuh Chat Label: Manatee Records AUDIO-2023-06-07-21-14-27.mp3 TEEARDROPZ - NUH CHAT - RADIO - OFFICIAL AUDIO_1 (1).mp3
  7. Dave Luv is busy in the studio and continuing all his songs from 2023. Fan favorite on Certified Weekly Bangers on Live Mixtapes series with Dj Mad Lurk. The latest to reach radio is titled "Gunfire". The high rhythmic and Hip Hop track has a nice bump to it and Reo solidify's the reach. The official video which was released on Youtube has approximately 2.4 Million Views. On Mixshows at WGCI 107.5 FM Chicago, SiriusXM The Heat, Little Rock, Fayetteville. Contact manateercd@gmail.com for Interviews, Booking, Features with new production. Video: Gunfire Dave Luv ft Reo Cragun Dave Luv - Gun Fire (Clean) feat Reo.mp3 Dave Luv - Gun Fire feat Reo (SSL Master).mp3 Hot Hot Hot!!
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