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    Savannah, Georgia
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    Rapping, Song Writing,
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    I'm a local Artist from Savannah Ga born and raised I'm a real Street Nigga I have respect towards any and everyone until they cross me. But I'm a Father First!!
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    Rapping, Song Writing, Basketball, Football

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  1. ok i went to you pages but you site at Godaddy is down my brother
  2. Follow Me SolarRedtop (Youtube) @Redtopsolar( Twitter) @Solar_Redtop (Instagram) https://youtu.be/A9oBDna2I5c
  3. SolarRedtop (Youtube) @Redtopsolar( Twitter) @Solar_Redtop (Instagram) I knw everyone has lost a grandmother!!???? sh*t ain't been the same since!!?? https://youtu.be/rdVn-_Lz1Oo
  4. SolarRedtop (Youtube) @Redtopsolar( Twitter) @Solar_Redtop (Instagram) https://youtu.be/rtrVcFp3PRk
  5. SolarRedtop (Youtube) @Redtopsolar( Twitter) @Solar_Redtop (Instagram) https://youtu.be/Gn1oYBD5KjQ
  6. SolarRedtop (Youtube) @Redtopsolar( Twitter) @Solar_Redtop (Instagram) https://youtu.be/lAeFulAOnzA
  7. SolarRedtop (Youtube) @Redtopsolar( Twitter) @Solar_Redtop (Instagram)
  8. SolarRedtop (Youtube) @Redtopsolar( Twitter) @Solar_Redtop (Instagram) https://youtu.be/mhd2_ni2ozw
  9. SolarRedtop (Youtube) @Redtopsolar( Twitter) @Solar_Redtop (Instagram) https://youtu.be/0l8Qke5nKGU
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