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Lady - Twerk

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LADY, born Shameka Brown, has always had a way with words. Whether giving speeches, writing poetry, or just telling a story; the way she told it made you visualize her struggle. "Mama told me I had a slick mouth and it'd get me in a lot of trouble" say's Lady. Even though she was right, it also granted her with the musical ability like no other. Lady didn't really notice her lyrical power until the age of 11.

Lady went from creating her own spins on hot songs to writing her on music. Soon in 2002, she formed a group with 2 friends and started rapping locally mainly at school.

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It's something about a chick saying something about sex and freaky dancing on a track makes us as Dj's check into it lol but ,this track is ok and I mean ok it has no body..but it could..they have to remix it a lil bring that DAMMMM out a track and ya artists..make a Dj want to play it....she has a sexy look yes but have her do more shows,some you-tube stuff on the regular..an voice training wouldn't help.I would like to hear more tracks from her..she's not bad but she needs work on how she comes off on a track..thanks for the post.keep'em coming.


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Guest chiilldon

def a strip club cut but, the 808 need to hit harder and make the drums roll like a Shawty Redd track. Her voice is alot I mean alot! like a young Trina. Cmon Lady! I wanna hear dem slick words flow like ya mama said they do. Remix this one and drop some shyt!

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