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  1. Hot, U said leave real feedback If I didn't like it I would have said so, I don't need U tellin' me how 2 respond, just 2 download ya music, U need my support, if Hot is not good enough so B it.
  2. I Can Play This 4 West coast Swing Dance, They're Love It
  3. Radio Track, Will do good youngsters,& Crossover
  4. I Like Em Both Radio Tracks
  5. Alright, sounds like something i heard b4 deserve some spins
  6. I Feelin It,B sendin out in DMV
  7. Da Girls Along With Track Production Push It In Da Club Live,But Honest All I Heard Was The Hook,He A Triple Thread
  8. I like It 2 go with 5:00 Ride Home mix
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