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    Born in Denver, Colorado in the northeast neighborhood of Park Hill on May 3rd 1974, DJ Whizlam has
  1. Certified Club Banga.This Song is hott 2k11 summer hit

    Everything by thiz cat bangz...I need "Hands Up Get Low" again tho
  2. same here..I need that. here'z my e-mail: wristzoffury@comcast.net
  3. Big D & Slim Dotta - Gone Like Da Wind

    Service Pack wristzoffury@comcast.net
  4. wristzoffury@comcast.net I need thiz ASAP
  5. Cal Ripken Ft. Kris Staxx - Non Stop

    Yeah I'd fukk widit
  6. City Boy Ft. R. Kelly - City Boy

    Thiz shyt bangz
  7. Young Buck Ft. Game - The Blues [Prod. By Drumma Boy]

    Thiz shyt go hard
  8. Sno - We Rock They Roll

    Link'z broken, but if u could send an instrumental along with tha main version 2 my e-mail which iz wristzoffury@comcast.net I'd appreciate it. Thankz DJ Whizlam Denver,CO
  9. Yeah I agree..Thiz should have been tha Original..Keep it up fam
  10. Shawty "My Boo" feat: Strizzo & Lil Kee

    decent..havent heard anbody sample "I Would Die 4 U" b4
  11. Wiggle like That--- FAT PIMP (Prod by JUNE JAMES)

    I'll fukk wit it..Need a clean version 2
  12. Damm d- feat fat bastard - " big juicy"

    I dig thiz shyt here...Keep it up