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  1. i roll with this send me a promo pack topshelfproductions@djmagik.biz
  2. o boy this is fire i need the service pack topshelfproductions@djmagik.biz
  3. yo thats a hot mix i need some bmore music for my gigs
  4. Ok this fire i know this will pack the floor can't wait till the weekend keep in touch topshelfproductions@djmagik.biz
  5. send the instrumental this is fire topshelfproductions@djmagik.biz
  6. Yo i need a promo pack the way that beat come in you can't lose get at me topshelfproductions@djmagik.biz
  7. hot I need the service pack topshelfproductions@djmagik.biz
  8. Yo gucci you bring out hit after hit any song you come with email topshelfproductions@djmagik.biz also whats up with getting a drop my dude
  9. I need the service pack topshelfproductions@djmagik.biz
  10. Yo this is fire I need a service pack with the clean and instrumental version topshelfproductions@djmagik.biz
  11. topshelfproductions@djmagik.biz i need it quick son
  12. This fire this what I've been waiting for all my true hood DJS stand the f*#K up
  13. I need the instrumental to love all over me by monica also forever by david holister topshelfproductions@djmagik.biz
  14. Yo I need the radio and instrumental version topshelfproductions@djmagik.biz
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