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    Inspired by Dj Flash Fader, I set out to learn the craft and make the masses move to feel good music
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    video games
  1. Already. The ville is talking about the record so we got to support the homie.
  2. following the movement of the young man. He is expected to do very well in the industry
  3. meet her in the club. this record still growing. Big Record
  4. this is a smooth track. Jacquees is smooth on the hook
  5. don't really like the record but its picking up plays and ppl are starting to request it so I got to have it for the ppl where is the download link?
  6. Gucci fan base really growing so this should do well in the clubs
  7. Hefe wine been a minute since I heard something from the homie. T-wayne did work on this one
  8. late night riding music. A song like this has to grow on you
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