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  1. Can I Get The Tracks Sent To My Email Please dj.murdock24@yahoo.com Thanks
  2. This Is Heat All Day, It's In The Mix
  3. Hot Track, Will Spin This At The Pool Party & Club.
  4. Club Twerk Heat All Day, Its A Banger For The Club, & Radio, Ladies Gone Love This.
  5. Its a Cool Club Track, Ill Spin To See What It Do
  6. Hot Trap, Club Radio Banger, Its A Hit Bro.
  7. Ladies In The Trap, Make That Shizz Do What It Do, Banger For The Trap Ladies, Will Spin In The Mix.
  8. Nice Track, Ill Spin This In The Vs Vs Vs R&B & Hip Hop/Trap Mix. 9 In Da Book.
  9. Bass Game All Day Bro, This 4 Da Klub & Trap Mane, Its In There. Heat.
  10. Its a Cool Trap Track, To Me It Sounds UnMastered, But Me Knot Know In Todays Music, Ill Try It Out.
  11. Smooth Rap Track, Its A Go In My Book, Will Spin This 4 Da People.
  12. Hot Trap Track Here, This Will Go Hard In The Mix
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