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  1. feeling this track very hot
  2. bobby w a.k.a. dj bobby smoothe one of the hottest southern soul dj's on the coast bobsmoothe@cableone.net
  3. the booty roll need's a whole lot of work,need a little more heavy bass,and what i mean is turn the dam drummer a lose
  4. this joint is hot man gotta have it
  5. this joint is off the hook,but i,m having problem trying to download off of greenhitz and i donot know what's going on and some body send it to me at bobsmoothe@cableone.net
  6. you got my support,they gonna love this in the club tonight
  7. hell i feel this already and i can see at the club they are going to feel it to what a club banger
  8. dj bobby w can i get an mp3 copy of this track/bobsmoothe@cableone.net
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