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  1. Plies - Whole Thang

    dis joint be going real haard...plies..dat gutter boy at it again
  2. Nic Paper - Go

    is it me or does this kinda remind you of..teach me how to dougie?..tight though..i like it..gon put it smack dab in the mix
  3. this is a heater..it should pop off in my club...im rocking it 2morrow nite
  4. Marques Houston - Circle (Remix)((Prod. By Lil Mike))

    mane i aint gon lie..this remix suck...i love the original and heard some other tite remixes..but houston slipped on this one

    bangin out the frame mane...where my college girls, where my college girls
  6. L.A. Da BoomMan - They Say

    sick and ill...got me getting my pretty boy swag on right now..let go...let go...let let let go!
  7. L.A. Da BoomMan - They Say

    this joint got the sound dat make you wana move something..banger 4 sho
  8. Fantasia - I'm Doin' Me

    nice song go fanny may!
  9. 8Ball & MJG - Lay It Down 2

    heater for sho..these boys keep coming at you like gang busters
  10. Gucci Mane - Hood Status

    banging out the frame..gucci rules, he one up these suckas again
  11. so not feelig this..but i always love my down south artist..so i prob slip it in early on my early set
  12. Travis Porter - Bring It Back (Produced by FKi)

    this be banging..thanks
  13. Nelly - Tippin' In The Club

    a slammer..nelly do your thang mane
  14. Tank - Sex Music

    a banga..im bumpin it 4 sho tonite..tank keepin it freaky and hot..i might even let em get naked! haha
  15. Lady - Twerk

    honestly..its no orginality...its ok at tops..a simple ghetto club mite fool wit it..but this song wont make it to far