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Mike Fresh Ft. Tracy T - Always Online

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Mike Fresh Ft. Tracy T - Always Online


Atlanta, Georgia: December 22, 2009

Mike Fresh, CEO of 5 Star Music Productions, aka Mr. Always Online, is the future hailing from Northside Atlanta, GA. For the past few years, Artist, Songwriter, and Producer, Mike Fresh has been captivating listeners with his music and reverting back to the industry’s original mantra: just making good music. His concepts are clever, delivery is crisp and flows are catchy and unique; a breath of fresh air in an era when everyone seems to follow trends instead of setting them. At a young age of 20, Mike Fresh real name Michael Davidson, has an unrelenting work ethic and continues to make strides an artist and songwriter daily. Mike began recording music while in high school which led to him forming a relationship with local engineer, Marshall “Crack CEO” Walraven, whom after recognizing Mike’s talent took a special interest in his career by facilitating him with ample studio time to further his career. In the summer of 2008, Mike hooked up with Atlanta producer, Zaytoven, known around the Atlanta music scene at the time as being Gucci Mane’s producer. The two collaborated together for his second official mixtape entitled, FRESH 1101. The musical chemistry between Mike & Zaytoven was explosive from the start, which led to them collaborating on four (4) recordings within their first session, one of which would be the preliminary version of "Sorority Girl.” Mike Fresh currently has three (3) official mixtape projects out: DJ Smallz & Mike Fresh: Student President Zaytoven & Dj Genius Presents: Fresh 1101 DJ Genius & DJ Iceberg: Fresh 1102 The references to college classes stems from the fact that Mike is currently a college student, in addition to devoting time to his craft, his love, his passion, music. Mike currently attends Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia after a short stint at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia. On tracks such as “Student Holiday,” Mike conveys a college student’s experience of not receiving enough financial aid to cover tuition and the ever present solution facing African American males of dropping out and turning to the streets. In addition to Mike Fresh the Artist, Mike is also a very talented songwriter. Recently, on his songwriting grind, Mike Fresh has hooked up with EMI Music Publishing and has been in the studio heavy with various platinum producers such as M16 (“Duffle bag boy”), Natural Disaster (“Turn my swag on”), Jnew (“This is the Life”), and many others working on material for numerous mainstream & regional artists such as 50 Cent, Diddy, Trey Songz, OJ tha JuiceMan, and Plies to name a few. Mike Fresh also known as Mr. Online or Miguel Fresco, is the future. His drive, passion, and ability to make music people want to hear is what will lead him to the top. Remember the name!


Mike Fresh Ft. Tracy T - Always Online (Clean)

Mike Fresh Ft. Tracy T - Always Online (Dirty)

Mike Fresh Ft. Tracy T - Always Online (Acapella)

Mike Fresh - Kickin' It (Dirty)

Mike Fresh - Shake It (Dirty)


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5 Star Music Productions

(706) 951-9099 or (404) 822-9140

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Guest dj_sido_69@yahoo.com

yo like i told you last time this is hot the teen night love it all these tracks are hot

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