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  1. this is a pretty good hit, In my opinion this will reach #1 on radio stations
  2. I'm luving the remix and Big Boi and Young Jeezy are a good mesh on this one.
  3. "Twistin up" The flow wasn't really impressive to me, The concept wasn't orginal. Me personally, I wasn't really feeling it. Its not bad or nothing it just didn't move me nor could I vibe with it. "Time" The tone and the harmony were a little lackluster. The concept was ok, the production needed a little work. But still keep working hard regardless, U have joints that have that "it" factor and others that don't. It comes with the terriority when doing music
  4. This is just my opinion, The production is on point, however this song would have to grow on me because at first listen I thought it was mediocre. But it definitely has potential. I'm sure she has plenty more material coming out to where she will have a track that will grab me. She has a beautiful voice but for me, I would have to hear more, on a scale of 1 to 5 I would give it a 3.
  5. I'm very late with these post but this track is smooth and u can just vibe off this, the production is so on point and her vocals are always on point. I'm loving this
  6. This is definitely a club banga!! Cash Money still going strong
  7. I'm loving the realest of this song. Everyone that's trying to make it day by day, or got issues in their life that needs to be taken care of. Have to go out there and chase this cream. Mr. Hood came through with another one.
  8. Be back soon - the beat is nice, the lyrics were ok, the hook was so-so Uh Huh- I did like the beat, the lyrics & the flow complement the beat, the hook I could vibe to it. I'm feeling this one more then the other I would bump this...UH HUH!!!
  9. it's ok I have to listen to again & again to maybe catch of feel of it
  10. Its so-so not to impressive wasn't excited enough to say "ah run that back" thats just my opinion,
  11. the lyrics were cool ok similes, the hook I thought it could be a little better, honestly its not sumthin I would put on repeat. I'll just say step it up and keep improving the craft
  12. the lyrics were cool ok similes, the hook I thought it could be a little better, honestly its not sumthin I would put on repeat
  13. Not really feeling this one, does he have hit tracks, I'm sure he do but this one didn't do it for me
  14. Yeaaa boyyyy Drumma bring it like always, EDUBB did there thing the hook is catchy this song got me bouncing to it, good job
  15. Honestly not really into this, not really orginal not to impress with it I'm sorry but its not something I would listen over & over. I'm sure he got some fya on other tracks but this one wasn't even lukewarm.
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