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  1. this song is offfffff the chain sickkk! mannnnn pimp, you killed it kirko, much luv pimpinn! thug luvv all day n the midwest!! hollah ahmmm sorry that auto is stilllll hot as hell withthe rightartist and swaggg! played the clean and nhad all the kids on the floor grinding and bouncing!!! hot azzzz record!! yess surrrr
  2. wow , this needs help, realy hit me up mauly@maulystudio76.com, leave me a msg, i run a full mixing & mastering room! done alot of major records, mauly t, check me out! hit me up lirix, get you on the right page! MAKE YOUR NEW YEAR A HAPPY 1! HOLLAH ALSO ON TWITTER HIT ME AT @MAULYT LETZ GET IT! OR FBK "MARLOWE MAULYT TAYLOR"
  3. his voice is ill! it may work! c what it dooooo!
  4. DJ ENYCE,,, itz all hood pimpin, i wasnt dissin u, i feel yu on the same vibe page the songs swing from, itz only so many hood songs or ways 2 talk about the hood! till they start to b close ,,,,!!!!:Ditz all good, i c where u kumin from! thug luv pimp!!
  5. :Ddis shiiiiiittt is sikkk! flat out, yu dont like dis, yu hatin pimpin! klub go ham wen dis trak get spinned! roosssss murkeddddd it! fiyahhhh:D:D:D:D:D
  6. chek disss out 4shooooooo!
  7. this is fiyahhhhh! great track big tuck, its djmauly t! hollah thug luvvvv
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