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Semy Patron - Darker @ItsJustSemy

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Randall Shelton Aka "Semy Patron" raised in orchard park projects in Boston Mass. He moved to Atlanta GA at the age of 5. Growing in a family that pursued music career. Semy become interest in a word of art. See how his uncle Ralph Tresvant (Former New Edition Member) & his first cousin David Shelton (Former Another Bad Creation Member) Traveled the world. Semy began writing to articulate his craft. 

Art alone is 1 of semy's biggest hobby. Drawing but with music, semy always found his self feeling more comfortable with expression his feelings. Painting a different picture with words that describe his life & moments he wanted to share with the world. "You have to express your emotions in a sense the people can feel what your actually saying" is what semy tells everybody. 
Semy always grew up in the stuffiest neighborhood but hung around kids the were consider nerds, geeks or outcast. Do to the fact Semy was a people person & learned from everybody around him. He started to come up with a new sound calling it "ZOOTED" describing a feeling you would feel if you ever heard his music. 
Semy had a wicked vocabulary & a unique sound of singing. Plus with his appearance & performance. His wants the world to remember him as someone who embraces being different. If I ever had a word that describes semy, it be "erudite" meaning "having or showing great knowledge or learning.". Semy has the skill, the talent, the voice to become the next big memorable artist. Trust me, there's no denying that.

Follow @ItsJustSemy on twitter!

Facebook: SemyShelton

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