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    I'm the director of a New England Based Record Pool
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  1. PRODUC - Feel It Too @PRODUCofLA

    No Metadata??
  2. 2 Chainz Ft. Future - Dead Man Walking @2chainz

    Great stuff!! Always enjoy 2 Chainz Ft. Future's music!!
  3. Mook - I Can Teach You @Mooktbg

    Whoever mastered these tracks forgot to add all the metadata. It's all missing or blank???
  4. Cam'ron - Purple Haze 2 @Mr_Camron

    Love Cam'ron's music!!
  5. Wale Ft. Bryson Tiller - Love... (Her Fault) @Wale

    LOVE it!!! Our guys will also..:)
  6. Mook - We Turnt Up @Mooktbg

    We like! Will spin these..:)
  7. Da Mindsetta & Kartel Ben - V V S @powerdamindsett

    Attachment 1 and attachment 2? How do we know which is which??
  8. Jacquees Ft. Young Thug & Gunna - Verify @Jacquees

    Good R&B, Radio will spin this!
  9. Rob Hittz - Take It Down @RobHittz

    Two tracks are listed as the same ? are they Dirty or clean?
  10. Maui ARN - Dom Pérignon @MAUIARN

    I like it..:)
  11. Young Trap - Hustle & Glow @youngtrapmuzic

    Nice piece of work! Will support..:)
  12. K-Styles - Hydration

    The metadata is all messed up on these tracks....just an FYI
  13. Lil Baby Ft. Future - Out The Mud @lilbaby4pf @1future

    Different, I like it..:)