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  1. Great songs. Listen to 10 of them and like them all. Just to let you know who I am. My name is Mr. Larry Hill Sr. born and raised in San Antonio Texas. My mom is Etta Mae (Randle) Hill. One of my cousins Natalie Randle mentioned your name at one of our family reunion stating you were our little cousin. Natalie's father is Leonard Randle and his wife is Francis Randle. I reside, in Shreveport Louisiana and I'm one of the local DJ's. I dj in a club call JOSH Lounge. If you are my cousin, please contact me at bdexpress@aol.com or 318-746-4056 my home phone. Would like to meet you. Have a nice day and keep up the good work and keep on pushing the sounds.
  2. Like the beat on this one. Will add to list.
  3. I like this song. Very catchy beat. Make you wanna get up and dance. Go good with my blues set. Will add to list and play
  4. God's Plan is always good. Drake has a banger here. Will add to my playlist
  5. Can catch on with play. I like it and the beat is dope. Will add to list
  6. This song has a potential to be a banger. With good air-play and club play. I like the beat and can do something with this. Will add to my playlist.
  7. i like the beat and flow. will play it for my club dance group
  8. Beautiful song. To the heart and full of love. Caring and providing is the essence of love for your fellow man or woman. Definitely will play this song as for compassion and inspiration.
  9. This one is definitely a banger. Love the beat and can see the ladies twerking and booty dropping. Top of my list this one will go. Booty booty booty
  10. This could be a hit with enough play. I will add my 2 cent by playing this one. I like it and it has great possibilities.
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