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SUG AC - A Good Tyme @SugAC1NOnly

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Alexa "Sug AC" Cheak born in Dallas, TX raised in East Texas. This Capricorn was on her 1st stage preforming as a tap dancer at age 4.  Her cousin forgot to take her  beginners tap class, she followed her in to her advanced tap class then kept up the advance tappers entire time. The intructor observed her keeping up that they made her the mascott. She put her in front center stage within 3 days. Sug AC always wanted to preform ever since. she fell in love with music. Sug started beat boxing with the guys when she was in middle school & won poetry awards, by freshman year in Flour Bluff she won district solo soprano... "I'm often mistaken for white but I am 5/8 Native American & I'm originally from the hood OakCliff Dallas, TX. I was raised by my Dad with my brother in a family full of boys. There is no mistaking that she have many gifts & talents. but I love people so much that I wanna use them to make a difference. Music is my creative outlet & coping skill through hardships. I love being an artist & creative & have embraced it so much that I couldn't ever imagine doing anything else. I love rap & hip hop & I'm from the South! I've always felt different, or odd, the loner marching to the beat of my own drum but the truth is I'm a compassionate & experienced in life & long to change the world while making good music." -Sug AC

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